A UK based comparison site for holidaymakers has described Malta as a major surprise as many European families choose Malta holidays over other islands. With its burgeoning businesses and tourists spots, Malta has become one of the most travelled to hotspots for holidaymakers.

Fun in the Sun

As most European families take a break from winter and rain, most are shedding their raincoats and taking off on Malta holidays because of its 300 days of sun. The small island has recorded the largest tourist influx this year.

The recession has affected Europe in the most extreme ways but so many people have still managed to take Malta holidays this year. Considering the packages on offer and the fact that Malta, Gozo and Comino are fast becoming a business destinations, the attraction to everything Maltese is at an all-time high. This year has shown an increase of tourists with EU and non-EU tourists by 19%, which is 7.2% more than last year. This July has proved to be the most productive in terms of Malta holidays.

Malta is extremely popular with British holidaymakers making up for 24% of the influx of the total tourist figure. After Malta holidays many British citizens have made Malta their home as it provides absolutely everything in the way of great location, weather, business, tourism and all round family friendly lifestyles. Festivities are on the go towards the end of the year with many foreign families witnessing the islands traditional way of doing things. Fun and excitement to be had for sure.

The affordable holidays on Malta have been met with Malta tourism dealing with nearly double its tourist intake. As certain parts of the UK deal with an extremely wet and windy winter, Malta holiday packages include hotels and dinner for £70 a night. The warm summer evenings and crystal waters are for free. Tourists are often looking for island getaways that provide affordable accommodation and a wealth of activities to enjoy. Malta has it all with the warm sun, white beaches, historical temples – the oldest in the world – prime diving sites which include underwater temples, so dating back to prehistoric times, festivities and a multitude of activities that include water parks and dress-up parks for children to enjoy. Malta holidays are reputed to be quality for little cash quantity.

The affordability of Malta holidays makes it an extremely coveted tourist spot, particularly during the rough financial times that many are facing.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics. For her most recent family holiday to Malta she stayed at the Topaz Hotel Malta and found a multitude of topics to write on while she lazed on the beach.