The flames of love must keep burning if you want to stay in the good grace of your wife.  This can be done by doing many things to keep the romance alive.  But admittedly, there are some expressions that mean more than just holding hands and whispering I love you on her ears.

Let’s face it, words must be backed by actions to give real meaning to what you want to convey to your wife.  So be ready to shower her with any or all of the following romantic gestures.

1.   Treat Her to a Vacation

It is not every day that you take an out of town trip so this idea will surely make her swing both her arms around your neck and riddle you with kisses.  Plan for a trip that will get both of you to enjoy and reveal it only by showing her the plane tickets.  There are lots of travel packages where you can also make use of holiday house Denmark for vacation at the best price so you need not worry about accommodation in most cases.

2.   Give Her Roses or a Gift

Flowers and gifts must not only be for special occasions.  You can surprise your wife when you come home one night with things that she love like flowers that can show how much you love her.  It could be chocolates, a new bag, or anything that will surely brighten up her day.

Always attach a small “I love you” note on the gift and remember to peel off the price tag.  Why?  Gifts need not be expensive of course as it is the “thought” that counts but it helps to make her curious about the price of your gift so just erase or peel it off.

3.   Write Her a Love Letter

Perhaps this is now considered a “Jurassic” gesture because of the advances in the modes of communication.  But a love letter will always have a special part in the heart of any girl especially your wife.  Make sure that you compose a love letter for her every now and then and it will surely strengthen your love for each other.

4.   Treat Her to a Romantic Dinner

 Just the two of you would do.  One thing you must remember is your wife will always be a girl who loves to be wooed from time to time.  Even if she’s already your wife, going back to how it all began between the two of you will mean so much to her and to you too, of course.

5.   Help in the Chores

If your household is the type where chores are assigned like the wife preparing the food and you taking out the garbage, it helps a lot to make her feel good by doing her chores yourself from time to time.  Cook and prepare food for her either in the morning or in the evening.  When she arrives home tired from a day’s work, it will surely brighten her day and relieve a lot of stress when she sees everything is prepared.  Pamper her like a queen from time to time.


It pays to renew the flames of love between you and your wife. Romantic gestures will ensure that the relationship stays strong.  A once in a lifetime big out of town trip where you will book holiday homes for rentals vacation is sure to make big waves in her feelings but you can also succeed with flying colors using the other options above.

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Written by Anton Thomas guest blogger for Ferienhaus Dänemark - .