If you want to go to a city and not have to check off all the attractions and sights before you can actually enjoy the city, Prague is perfect. Don’t get me wrong, it has lots of things that are worth seeing; like the Prague Castle, The National Museum in Wenceslas Square and Petrin Hill among others, but as said it is Prague as a whole that is the main attraction. Many people say that it is a golden city and they are right, it is a special golden light that softens up the romantic atmosphere, especially in the sunsets.
The movie Amadeus – that reflects the life of the famous composer Mozart – was filmed in Prague and it has left it with a merry label with street musicians that let you know that there will be a concert soon.  This is a perfect city for couples, you will not get the typical Eastern feeling in this city and the romantic baroque is shining through the streets. You can have a stroll along the streets and see things like the St: Vitus Cathedral and be astonished by the remarkable architecture in houses, huge façade paintings and signs made out of cast iron.
Also in Prague you won’t have any troubles finding a good place to spend your dinner. It is cheap and often you get a lot. If you are a vegetarian I would think twice before going here, the dishes are often rather burly and you often get served meat. A good pint of Czech beer costs you about £0,3. You can find many taverns that serve many specialties like quail, rabbit, deer, duck and wild boar. Most of the things are served with sliced apple and cabbage, often fresh and raw. If you really want to go to one of the top notch places in Prague one dish will cost you about £15 so it might be worth a visit. Another place worth a visit is a glass terrace in Nebozizek in Malá Strana which is located rather high so that you see Prague stretching out below you. There is a funicular that will take you up and down but I suggest that you walk down after the meal. After that you can have a cup of coffee for about £0,9 at Slavia or a beer at U Fleku. Some other great restaurants are Meca U Prohonu and Dynamo Pstrossova 29.
If you are going out to have some breakfast or smaller lunch there are many cafés that serves traditional dishes like pancakes, pates, and cheese and bread.  Typical Czech beers are Urqell, Staropramen and Budvar and if you want to try on some wine I suggest that you visit a good winery like Frankovka and Svatovav´rinecká, Blatnice Michalska 8 or V Zatizi Lillova 1.
Prague is a flaneur city and magical tourist spot but if you want to you can buy a stroller ticket for about £0,3 and for that you can go around for an hour.
While you are here you will have to try on the Green Ghost; Absinth. Absinth has a reputation of making people crazy because of all the secret herbs that hides in it. This is both true and not true; it is not really the herbs that make us see green fairies; it is more likely the alcohol. The ‘secret herbs’ are anise, cabbage and wormwood and it tastes like a anise shot, very strong and – for me – rather disgusting. It leaves you with a minty taste and a feeling of aversion, but it will cost you about £1 so why not try it?