A student life is full of enthusiasm and amusement but living such days away from your home may impose certain problems. Of all, the main problem is accommodation. Because you have chosen a better university to study, which is far away from your home; you will also have to choose the right accommodation that is near to your university. For students coming from the different parts of the world, Australia is one of the famous study destinations, irrespective of the course or degree to be pursued. Of all Australian cities, Melbourne has a more convincing appeal for students due to the several quality courses on offer by the schools and colleges.

This capital city of Victoria not only offers quality student accommodations but also ensures affordable rates to make your educational move easier. The life of a student is not that financially strong, and therefore, it is natural to look for affordable accommodations that can suit your needs. Here are some popular student accommodations that you can look for in Melbourne, apart from the most common option – Hostel.

Shared Accommodation

One of the popular living options for students in the country is a share house. It is a typical kind of arrangement wherein each student has their own bedroom but tends to share the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The cost of living in such a shared house tends to differ noticeably according to property site, quality of accommodation, and the number of residents.

Private Rental Accommodation

This is another popular accommodation type all over Australia. It is the best option for those who do not like to share their living space, facilities, and amenities. Private rental accommodation is quite secured and organized via real estate agents. In this type of accommodation, you get to choose from a variety of options such as houses, villa, and apartments. As compared to shared accommodation, this one offers independence due to which students may be more inclined towards it. However, students must be ready to enter into a 12-month lease contract or sign up a bond apart from giving reference details.

This independence come at a cost: Students must be ready to take up all the household tasks as their own responsibilities. The cost of this kind of accommodation tends to vary as per the location and features of the property. In case of both rental and shared accommodation, occupants tend to share extra expenses such as telephone usage, gas, electricity, and perhaps even food.

Homestay Family Accommodation

This is the latest attraction and is meant for those students who wish to experience living in a typical Victorian home for living with a native family who can assist them to improve their English. The cost of such accommodation includes own furnished bedroom, shared living spaces, meals, and assistance with regards to the transport system offered by the family itself.

With these accommodation options, it is clear that there is no need for you to spend the entire wages on the student accommodation in Melbourne.

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