Many countries in Asia have become popular for those tourists who’re looking for cheaper destinations as far as medical tourism is concerned, especially in regard of dental tourism. European and North American countries offer the best treatment procedures, the state of the art equipment, and highly qualified medical professionals but all these come at a price which is beyond the reach of most. Apart from that, one also has to cough up more in terms of traveling, accommodation, and all other related costs when travelling to the USA, UK, France or Germany than when travelling to countries in Asia such as Thailand.

Thailand’s popularity as a hotspot destination is increasing not only because of its pristine beaches and exotic islands but also because it offers affordable dental procedures and treatments. People from US, UK, Italy and other parts of the world have started viewing Thailand as a cosmetic surgery destination owing to its realistic prices. With well-trained doctors who speak excellent English and with articulate surgical expertise of International standards, Thailand is being reviewed by many in a new light as a dental surgical destination.

Why Chose Thailand Over Other Countries?

According to medical surveys and reports, the cost of a typical dental procedure like Invisalign treatment or root canal treatment can be just 10% of what it would cost in USA or Sweden. Do you need a better reason for opting for a dental vacation in Thailand? Although, the term ‘medical tourism in Thailand’ might sound a little bizarre and border on the mystical as most people are attuned to hearing about holiday tours titled ‘Beach tourism Thailand’ or ‘honeymoon tour Thailand’ . But believe it or not, every year more than 1 million tourists are rushing to Thailand for top notch dental treatments at affordable rates. You’d be making a right decision if you chose to visit Thailand for a dental procedure.

The Standalone Reasons for Choosing Thailand for a Dental Tourism

Following are the reasons why you should prefer Thailand over UK or USA for a dental vacation:

Quality of treatment is at par with the countries that are considered to be medically advanced like the USA, Canada, UK and Germany. Cost of treatment is considerably less than the cost in developed countries. In fact, compared to what you’d pay for a crown or a root canal treatment, in say, Norway, you’d be paying far less in Thailand. You’d also be paying less in terms of traveling cost, accommodation, travel in the city, food, and other related expenses. You’d be paying less in terms of doctors’ fees, aftercare fees and medication fees and so on.

Thailand is centrally located in South East Asia and Bangkok has flight connections to almost every country in the world. There are more than 130 private hospitals that are staffed with dentists and other medical professionals who have earned their medical degrees from USA. Apart from the private hospitals, there are a number of frontline and premier dental clinics that offers the entire gamut of dental treatments that you think of.

A complete range of dental procedures like Invisalign treatments, root canal treatment, porcelain and ceramic veneers, crowns, bridges, oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and several other dental treatments are available at leading private hospitals and dental clinics.

Specialized procedures such as transparent supporters or aligners for correcting teeth misalignment, instant functional implants, and hybrid implants are offered.

Thai dentists in Bangkok have skills that are comparable with those of the best dentists the world over. Most of these dentists are certified members of global dental associations and societies including the Dental Association of Thailand.

Contrary to popular belief, dentists, medical professionals and nurses connected with the dental treatment sector in Thailand, can speak English fluently. Most private clinics and hospitals offering dental treatment services have collaborations with inns and hotels that are situated within the periphery of such clinics and hospitals. Visitors from neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore can get to Thailand by bus or train.

Treatment Cost of a Dental Procedure in Thailand

As has been mentioned above, cost of treatment for any dental procedure is almost one-tenth of what it’d cost in medically advanced countries and on top of that, you can enjoy a vacation along with the treatment in the same amount as what you’d spend on dental fixtures alone in the US. You can always go online and request for a free quotation for the dental procedure you’re seeking. After your treatment is successfully complete, you can charge your batteries by exploring the sights and sounds of Thailand.

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John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand.