While studying in the United Kingdom or the UK, you must find time to explore the beautiful suburbs, cities, and places of attraction this country has to offer. There are many places of interest that are educational and entertaining. Make sure you take a break from your coursework to enjoy fun-filled activities found in various sports that can be found throughout this country. Additionally, find time to learn about this county’s unique history and spectacular places of interest.

Sports in the UK

Visit the Nitro Circus in London if you love sports or spectacular stunts. This is the opportunity to see death-defying stunts performed by the Nitro Circus team. The equipment used ranges from skateboards to bikes and shopping trollies. Some activities include jumping between buildings with motorcycles and skydiving without a parachute; these events will take your breath away.

Get involved in the sport of squash and many other sports found in Berkshire. By visiting the Arena Leisure Center, you will have many sports to choose from; one includes a 25 meter swimming pool in which you can take a refreshing dive. This center contains activities for the novice and the experienced.

Places to Visit in the UK

If you enjoy art and sculpture, you must visit the Sculpture Workshop in Cornwall. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to put your artistic ability to a test. While receiving step-by-step instructions from artistic tutors, you will learn how to create a unique sculpture of your preference. Whether you are a novice or a professional, this half day workshop will prove to be lively and extremely interesting. Your first sculpture could be a success.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse is a beautiful, extravagant place to visit. Holyroodhouse should be visited by all visitors and natives, as it relates to the history of Scotland’s royalty. This impeccable palace, once the residence of former queens, is now the official residence of Queen Elizabeth. Today this palace is generally used for ceremonial purposes and other royal events. It is comprised of several royal apartments which depicts various styles and structures, as each apartment represents a unique taste from its prior owner.

If you are interested in the history of Yorkshire, find a unique way to learn about its past by visiting The Original Ghost Walk of York at the York City Center. This unique experience will teach you about the history, folklore, and legend of Yorkshire while providing a vivid haunted backdrop to help your imagination run wild.

As a student studying abroad in the UK, take time to enjoy the beautiful places and the many adventurous activities this country has to offer. There are many things to learn concerning the historical places in the UK. Your visit to the UK will prove to be a valuable experience. The learning experience gained from a tour throughout this country may be of equal value to a classroom learning experience found in a formal education. Best of all, your outdoor experience will be extremely entertaining.

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