It is time to go a well-deserved vacation and you are about to pack for a week away. Now, you always bring too much and will have to sit on your suitcase while someone else has to close it. You bring way too much clothes. Who needs three pair of jeans on a sun trip to Hawaii? Or who needs seven pair of shoes for a week away? No, you will have to reduce those “I might have use for this” thoughts. If you don’t use a different pair of shoes every day of the week, maybe you won’t do it when you’re away.
First of all, do your research; if you are traveling with your four girlfriends, maybe you don’t need one hair dryer each. Maybe even the hotel has one in the room. Bathrobes and bath sheets are always a must and if the hotel is good enough, they will have it. Those bigger things will only take up a lot of space plus they weigh a lot. You don’t want to get stuck in the check-in and have to pay a fee for your heavy bag.
Another room thief is “what if” clothes. What if I meet the man of my dreams there? I would want to wear my favorite dress; maybe I should pack that too. Or well maybe it will rain; I’ll bring my rain boots, just in case. Big no no. Only pack the things that you will need. If you meet the man of your dreams I am sure he will like you no matter what you are wearing. Try and pack around a certain color or outfit. You don’t want to pack one outfit for each day. One pair of jeans, one jacket etc. and pack dresses, shoes and accessories after that. Everything should match. Count the days you are going to be away for and pack underpants and socks and shirts for those days. No more. Also here, don’t go “what if I pee my pants” – that will not happen. We have a classic here; pack your socks in your shoes trick. It helps. Press all the smaller items into the bigger ones; it will give you more space.
If you are traveling for more than a week, maybe three or even four you should try and clean the things you bring and not bring extra. Maybe even the hotel has a laundry service or has someone in the local area. Depending on where you’re going. Also it might be a good thing not to bring your Lizterine or shampoo bottle. Buy a traveling kit with smaller items and tooth brushes. Maybe some things are available to buy on place. When you pack, do it outside of your bag. When you have put everything in and notice that you can’t fit any more you don’t want to have to unpack it and start over again. If you pack everything on your bed you will get an easy overlook on what you are going to bring. It makes it easier to plan.
On travel day you should wear those heavy clothes – as many as you can – on the plane. That way you don’t need to pack them but still gets to bring them with you.
These are just some smart packing tips that you might want to think about. But always have in mind when packing that less is more. Prioritize and think extra hard if you will use everything. You will probably want to shop some while you’re there so leave some space for extra luggage.
Happy trip!