Why Save?

There are a number of reasons to try to save money when booking a holiday. For those on a budget saving money is often the difference between having a holiday or not, while for families it can influence spending money and activities that take place during the break itself.

Several methods of saving what you spend on a holiday have become popular in recent years, and we looked at some of the best ideas.

Book Later

While this isn’t an ideal scenario for those who like to be organised and need to organise time off work and someone to look after their cat, there is no doubting that lucrative savings can be enjoyed when booking at the last minute.

Many of the reductions that holiday companies offer have to be seen to be believed, and you can often pick up a holiday for next to nothing a day or two before departure if the agency is looking just to avoid a total loss.

Search for Deals

While booking later is great for singles and groups of friends, booking early is often the only option you have when you have a family. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t numerous opportunities to save money, however. Many holiday bookers will offer substantial discounts or even free child places to families that book a certain length of time before a holiday.

Look out for when holiday brochures launch, too, as you can often take advantage of ‘limited time only’ offers.

Relocation Vehicles

A growing trend is for people to take holidays based on the availability of relocation vehicles. These are cars and campervans that hire operators’ needs to get back to a particular town or city. The cheapest way for these businesses to do that is to offer them to consumers free, so all they have to do is fill up the fuel when they get the vehicle back.

You could theoretically enjoy a holiday with free travel then, and with some savvy organisation tour all around a country or continent only having to pay out for accommodation. Target relocation campervans, however, and you won’t even have to pay for that!

Think About Your Holiday

What types of holiday do you typically take? If you are a 5-star resort, all-inclusive type of person, then this is naturally going to cost a lot of money. For those looking to save, a ‘back to basics’ holiday such as camping can be a refreshing change and much cheaper. It will also leave you looking forward to your next high-end holiday in a plush resort!

This article was written by Transfercar, an online service conducting campervan relocations by offering consumers the opportunity to drive them from one location to another at a cheap cost, although usually free.