It is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit on earth. The archipelago has so much to offer in the way of Malta attractions of white beaches, diving sites, historical temple sites, and Mediterranean cuisine second to none. As one of the investment hotspots in the world, Malta is geared for growth in all sectors, with tourism being first in line with its many awesome attractions.

Soaking up the Med

Valletta is the capital of Malta and has been described as one of the world’s most concentrated historical areas. A huge city squeezed into less than one square kilometre, the city is a huge Malta attraction for its St. John’s Cathedral, and the incredible Manoel Theatre which dates back 300 years, Filled with fine art galleries, restaurants and flea markets amongst many other things, Valletta is a world in itself.

Considered the jewel of Malta, Mdina is a jewel with its winding streets and beautiful old houses of nobility. Strolls through the small lanes give people an understanding of why this is considered one of the best Malta attractions. It’s an old medieval city with many historical attractions that tell stories of the rich Maltese past.

Diving in Malta is incredible as the weather is ideal with 300 days of sun. Diving in Malta can be done all-year-round as it sports some of the clearest water around. The stunning underwater Malta attractions boast several temples which are thousands of years old, intriguing dive caves, natural reef, and a healthy dose of marine life to give anyone a vibrant underwater visit.

The night life and fine dining are enjoyed under stunning starry skies, which is what the Mediterranean lifestyle is largely about. Tourist attractions in Malta are not only about enjoying the historical sites, but also about enjoying the Malta lifestyle the authentic way. If you’re not up for clubbing or visiting a tourist destination, there are several tours that will take you to the smaller villages to enjoy the local bars and enjoy property Maltese hospitality.

For the more religious person, Malta’s main attractions are their penchant for fantastic celebrations and traditions. The energy and effort put into the many ‘festas’ has been known to draw tourists from all across the globe. And now that the festive season is on us, those who have decided to take in the Malta attractions will be privy to some of the most epic traditions which include street parties and processions in honour of the festive season.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer and a huge fan of Malta. Her holidays to Malta have included stays in historic Malta hotels and visits to some extraordinary dive sites that will take the breath away.