Rough Guides ( travel guides have become one of the most popular travel guides to use whether you are setting off on a backpacking adventure – or are simply taking a package holiday to Spain or Turkey or another popular tourist destination.

Getting to know your holiday destination can not only make your holiday more interesting – it can also open up your eyes to trips and excursions and new experiences that you might not have dreamt of.

If you thought your holiday was going to be a long stay by the swimming pool and a nightly trip to the local bars and restaurants get yourself one of the Rough Guides to your holiday resort – and make your holiday one to remember.

  1. Rough Guides do not only cover holiday hotspots and travel destinations, but also offer guides to Travelling with Children – or a Foodie’s Guide to Japan, for example.
  2. Rough Guides are available on most digital platforms such as iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows – meaning you can take your Rough Guides with you without overloading your hand luggage or backpack.
  3. Rough Guides also offer guides to finding budget accommodation both in the UK and abroad , which means you can plan to spend maybe one or two nights away from your main resort – even if you are on a package holiday – and make your trip more of an adventure.
  4. The Rough Guides website is a mine of information, with destination spotlights and tweets from holidaymakers recommending their favourite places to go and things to see.
  5. If you are driving on holiday, download Rough Guides driving guides such as the one coveringGreece, to get you there smoothly without hitting a pothole.
  6. Maps are also available from Rough Guides – so there is no need to carry round a dog-eared paper map, which has seen better days, when you are off on an excursion or a new adventure at your holiday destination
  7. If you are a first-time traveller to a destination, Rough Guides also offers a special selection of travel guides full of tips and advice to make sure you get the most out of your holiday in a new country.
  8. Rough Guide First-time Guides also offer invaluable help for different groups of traveller, whether you are a silver surfer breaking away after retirement – or you are looking for LGBT hotels or resorts at your chosen destination.
  9. If you are interested in volunteering overseas, the first-time Rough Guides can also help with this – as well as learning holidays or working holidays to fund your travels or gap year.
  10. Rough Guide Phrasebooks can be invaluable when you are visiting a country for the first time and don’t know the language – they can be downloaded online and played on an MP3 player, meaning you will never be stuck for something to say on holiday again.

Deciding to leave your hotel and go on excursion adventures can sometimes end in bad situations such as injury and accidents on holiday. Always beware of your surroundings and ensure you have correct travel insurance.