Despite the advancing spread of the civilized world there are still countless acres of untamed out there, and some people love nothing more than to go trekking through them. This special demographic of people are growing increasingly more popular as more people discover the relaxation that comes with exploring the great outdoors and the majesty that can accompany the untamed wilderness. But it can be quite a chore preparing for a trek, and though you might think you’re already set there are many things you should consider. Here are five adventure gears for your next trekking trip into the wilderness or beyond.

Time Machine

First, something that any trekker should have at all times, even if it is a bit expensive, is a nice wristwatch. But not just any wristwatch; there is a special kind available out there that come loaded with a GPS transmitter in the base. You simply take the knob on the side and pull it all the way out and it begins to transmit an emergency signal from anywhere in the world that will be responded to by nearby rescue personnel regardless of where you are. They might cost a pretty penny, but they are easily worth the money for the peace of mind they offer.

Satellite Phone

That being said, sometimes it’s better to have a bit more communication with the world. Investing into a satellite phone can be well worth the money, as they can work even when cellphones get no reception. Some of the more advanced cellphones on the market today can still work in no reception areas, doubling as a satellite phone for emergency purposes by using their internal GPS. All in all, making sure you have a method of emergency contact is priority number one when trekking into the wilderness.

Multiple Joggers or Runners

One thing to consider for those day trips is actually a piece of equipment used by joggers and runners: a belt that holds many different bubbles of water, made easily accessible by wrapping them around your waist. While it may seem a bit foolish and be mainly for runners, it can provide easy access to water. When trekking through the wilderness it’s important to remain hydrated, and often this could be the difference of digging for a water bottle or simply pulling something off of your belt.

Surplus Water Supply

On this note, there are certain survival supplies that might be useful to pack depending on where your trek is. The human body can survive some time without food, but not very long without water. Having a small pot to boil water in order to clean it in can make a huge difference if you’re out in the wilderness for a long time.

Pocket Knife

And finally, when considering your next trek, consider a nice pocket knife. These are available in all shape and form, but getting a good and reliable blade to take with you can really help in emergency situations, allowing you to create shelter for yourself and obtained the fuel for and create a fire, making a huge difference if you’re lost or alone.

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