If you’re the type of person that prefers “action-packed” rather than “laze on the beach”, we recommend you certainly need to visit Abruzzo and experience an exhilarating skiing holiday in the picturesque Appenine mountainous region, where beautiful stretches of white beaches are only a short distance away if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds.

When you think of ski destinations, Abruzzo is a place that probably doesn’t come to mind. In fact, with Abruzzo having a Mediterranean climate on the Adriatic coastline, it’s surprising to hear that the region can also offer an exceptional winter climate. With very few people knowing about the delights on offer, Abruzzo is still relatively undiscovered by tourists and so has been able to maintain its traditional way of life, meaning you will be able to experience skiing in Italy at its very best, at a very reasonable price compared to a similar holiday in the Alps.

The Abruzzo ski season runs from December until April, so whether you prefer an end of year winter getaway or a stress relieving spring break, renting a luxury Villa Ducale villa and skiing in the picturesque Abruzzo is the ideal way to spend your holiday. And with the Appenine mountains bringing in heavy snowfall, more snow than even the Alps some years, the ski resorts are truly impressive; miles and miles of beautiful, thick white snow. A magnificent winter wonderland.

There are many ski resorts to choose from in Abruzzo, with the most popular ones being Roccaraso, Campo Felice and Campo Imperatore – all a short distance away from Villa Ducale accommodation.

A wide selection of ski trails are available, around 170 in fact, which include both downhill and cross-country circuits, and from gentle plateaus to a more steeper run. So whether you’re a skiing novice and have little experience on the snow or an expert wanting a challenge, there is a ski trail prefect for you. You can also arrange skiing lessons with an expert to brush up on your skiing skills and to gain more confidence.

With such a wide variety of ski runs available, and sensational views of the Abruzzo mountainous area that stretch all the way to the Adriatic, we are positive you will want to spend all day, every day on the snow, taking in all the delights Abruzzo has to offer. And as well as skiing, there are other activities you can take part in such as mountain trekking, snowboarding and even dog sledding! So why not try something different that you can’t do back at home, and make the most of your Abruzzo experience?

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two, a fun-filled family holiday that everyone will love – kids, mum and dad alike – or an action-packed break with a group of friends, renting Villa Ducale, a luxury villa, and skiing in the beautiful Abruzzo region will be the holiday you will want to return to again and again.

Andrea has lived in Abruzzo for the greatest part of his life before relocating in UK. Abruzzo is a perfect destination for both your winter and summer holidays. A region with plenty of activities to be done.