Amelia Island – FAQ

* Where is Amelia Island located?

The island is in the northernmost corner of Florida, within Nassau County across the Saint Mary’s River from Georgia, and 32 miles northeast of Jacksonville.

* Which other cities are close to the island?

Gainesville is 101 miles away; Daytona Beach, 126 miles; Tallahassee, 196 miles; Tampa, 233 miles; Atlanta, 356 miles; Ft. Lauderdale, 360 miles; and Miami, 379 miles from Amelia.

* Is Amelia Island a Typical Florida island?

Visually and culturally, Amelia Island is more reminiscent of Georgia. In fact, there is too much Georgian influence in the surroundings, starting with the name of the island.

* How far from Georgia is Amelia Island?

Although Atlanta is 356 miles away, the island is only a view miles south of Georgia.

* How do I get to Amelia Island?

There are different possibilities either by road, air or water.

* How do I get there by road?

Accessing by car it is possible thanks to 2 bridges connecting the island to the mainland

Two bridges connect the island with the mainland. Take A1A north to J. Turner Butler Boulevard, then follow north on 115 over the Dames Point Bridge, or take A1A north of Jacksonville toward the Mayport auto ferry traversing the Saint Johns River.

Both roads continue on A1A north over both Big and Little Talbot Island onto Amelia Island. Otherwise, take 1-95 to exit 373 (old 129), turning east onto A1A, and travel 15 miles crossing the Intracoastal Waterway onto Amelia Island

* Getting to Amelia Island by water, how is this possible?

You can access the island through the different services provided by the close Marinas:

Amelia Island Yacht Basin, 251 Creekside Drive, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, Tel. (904) 277-4615

Fernandina Harbor Marina, 1 Front Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, Tel. (904) 261-0353

Tiger Point Marina, 997 Egans Creek Lane, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, Tel. (904) 277-2720

* How do I get to Amelia by air?

The Jacksonville International Airport connects over 100 flights daily to both domestic and foreign locations, although there are also many arrivals and departures at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport.

* Which carriers take me to Amelia Island?

Continental Airlines, American Airlines, American Eagle, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, US Airways, Comair, AirTran, Florida Air, Midway Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and United Airlines are the carriers flying to Jacksonville.

* Where does the name of Amelia Island come from?

General Oglethorpe, founder of the British colony of Georgia named the island to honor Princess Amelia, the daughter of English King George II.

* Why is Amelia called the island of the eight flags?

This term refers to early history of Amelia Island, being the only site in the United States which has been ruled under eight flags in 1562: France, Spain, Britain, Patriots, Green Cross of Florida, Mexico, Confederate; and the USA flag.

* How long is the island?

Amelia Island is a 13.5-mile barrier island ideal for visiting or living.

* How is the weather?

At Amelia Island the annual average temperature is 69.9º Fahrenheit, with annual average rainfall of 51 inches.

* How many people live in Amelia Island?

As of the US Bureau Census 2000, the population was 20,000 inhabitants.

* How many of them live in Fernandina Beach?

Fernandina’s population was 10,549 according to the 2000 US Census Bureau.

* What is the Amelia Island Affair?

It was a historic episode after the island became a resort for smugglers in 1817, housing as many as 300 square-rigged vessels in its harbor, a self-called “brigadier general”, leader of a pirates’ gang, and his many followers violating the law making the island a miniature republic. Later the island was captured by the United States and returned to the New Spain (Mexico) prior to 1821.

* I have heard about Horseback riding at the beach but, where is it available?

There are 3 main facilities for your convenience:

- Kelly Sea Horse Ranch, Tel. (904) 491-5166

- Ride the Beaches of Amelia, Tel. (904) 277-7047

* Are there any tennis courts on Amelia Island?

Yes, there are many public courts at no charge and just around the corner. Otherwise, the Tennis Club at the Ritz Carlton, offers a variety of terrains to play.

* And what about Golf facilities?

Amelia Island has several golf courses. Check the “Things to Do” section for further information.

* Are there any good dinner facilities?

There are plenty of fine dining opportunities across Amelia Island, most of them located downtown in the Historic District of Fernandina Beach, Palmetto Walk Shopping Village, and the Village Shops at the Amelia Island Plantation.

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