As the capital of the most popular country in the world, Beijing is a very significant world city that is rich in cultural and government institutions as well as historical sites. It is an exciting and modern city that offers plenty for the visitor to explore.

Your explorations of Beijing will naturally start with some of the biggest landmarks in the city, such as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, The Museum of Chinese History and the “Bird’s Nest’ National Stadium. However, once you have seen these major Hong Kong attractions what should you explore next?

Here are a few ideas of unusual and interesting things to do when you arrive on your cheap flights to Beijing.

Learn How to Cook Chinese Dumplings

Visitors to Beijing have the opportunity to learn to cook soft and doughy dumplings in the kitchen of a local. You will be welcomed into a local’s kitchen and learn the techniques for mixing the filling and rolling out the dough. It is a great chance to learn about traditional Chinese cuisine and also get a glimpse into the lives of everyday citizens.

Discover the “Wild Wall”

Most tourists will visit the popular sections of the Great Wall of China, but there are many other places off the beaten track which are unchanged by tourism. There will be fewer crowds and a much more peaceful feeling at these spots, such as the Xiangshui Lake scenic area or the Simatai-Jinshanling section.

Eat Something Strange at the Donghuamen Night Market

The Donghauman Market serves up all sorts of delicious Chinese dishes including soup, dim sum and fresh veggies, but if you really want to try something new you can sample seahorse, snake, scorpion, starfish, silkworm or a whole range of other bizarre creatures. You don’t have to sample these treats if you don’t want to; the fun is in simply looking in amazement at all of the creatures great and small that are available to eat.

Sing Your Favorite Song at Karaoke

Karaoke Is a hugely popular pastime in China and you will find Karaoke venues that will provide you and your friends with a private room complete with all the equipment, couches, drinks and food, where you can sing until the small hours of the morning.

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