A gateway to the Chamba Valley, Dalhousie is a stunning place that enjoys mesmerizing views of plains and snow-capped mountainous ranges. Situated on Dhauladhar mountain range of Himalayas close to the Ravi River, Dalhousie is a soothing escape from the chaos and stresses of regular city life. The town is full of old colonial architectures and low roofed stalls. Paths and treks on slopes with alpine vegetation are outstanding for short strolls. Enriched with natural splendor, Dalhousie appeals a number of tourists every year for its natural surroundings and tourist attractions. There are several reasons that have swiftly increased travel and tourism in this town. This popular hill station of Himachal has various interesting facts that one should know before visiting.

Best Time to Visit

Dalhousie is a beautiful place that appeals the tourists all through the year. During winters, few paths are blocked due to the snowfall. Summer in the town comes between mid-March to mid-June. Temperature is moderate and the town becomes pleasant and charming during it. Monsoon lasts from June to September receiving an average rainfall of around 214 cm. After rain, mountain becomes scenic and breathtaking and offers a weather that is romantic and thrilling. Now it is up to you that in which season you want to visit the town.

How to Reach

Dalhousie is a famous tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Consequently, there is no problem of connectivity here. Visitors face no problem in traveling to this place. The nearby cities of Dalhousie offer excellent networks of airports. Through flight tickets booking, you can reach any of the nearer airports of Dalhousie. Traveling by trains provides an enriching experience to the travelers that enhance their prospect of learning culture and tradition. Roads are the direct available transport from the Dalhousie that connects it from major cities of the region. Buses are the excellent mode of transportation from Dalhousie.

Places to See Near Dalhousie

Apart from many tourist attractions of Dalhousie, there are various interesting places nearby Dalhousie that you can visit while holidaying at this town. Khajjar is a major tourist attraction situated 27 km away from Dalhousie that houses charming lakes, splendid meadows and exotic architectures that all together make it truly enchanting. Some of other beautiful places are Dainkund (playground of Beas, Ravi and Chenab Rivers), Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary (a sanctuary boasting of rich flora and fauna), Subhash Baoli (a point to enjoy outstanding view of snowcapped peaks).

Tourist Attractions

Dalhousie is an exhilarating destination for nature lovers as it offers several tourist spots that allow the visitors discovering the true meaning of nature. Some of the popular destinations of India are Satdhara, Jandhri Ghat, Panjpulla, Bakrota Hills, St. Andrew’s Church, St. Patrick’s Church and St. Francis Church. Apart from these, you can experience wonders of nature that enlightens the life of the tourists.

There are various other facts that appeal the tourists for visiting Dalhousie. Make Dalhousie your holiday destination and get rejuvenated for a lifetime.

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