Tired of plain old traveling? Long for something more, a thrilling experience, something that makes your blood pound? We recommend Perth, the capital for adventure sports in Australia. Nearly 100,000 people visit Perth daily – don’t you want to know why?

Extreme Whale Watching

Go on the most exciting Whale Watching cruise you ever experienced. Hang on to the supports, while your jet boat breaks all marina speed regulations. Blast away at nearly 75km/h and follow those fast moving whales. Give yourself the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.

Rally Driving

Tired of watching rally drivers live it up on TV? Get out of your couch and get behind the wheel of a real-to-goodness rally car, on your very own rally driving dirt track. Strap yourself into the racing seat of an Impreza WRX or Lancer Evo. Let loose and taste what the ‘Extreme Driving’ actually means

Tandem Skydiving

Want to experience what it feels like to be a bird falling from the sky? Kit up, pay close attention to the basic training and then strap yourself to your trainer. The rest is fantastical; jumping off an airplane at 14,000 feet, and experiencing an amazing 7,500ft free-fall.What do you think?


Make your home in the skies! Strap into a custom built Aerobatic plane, and loop many loops, experiencing unbelievable ‘G’ forces. You can even try tougher stunts if you can stomach them, just for some extra ‘Gs’. Why not?

V8 Car racing

Want your whole body to shake to the exciting throb of a V8 race car engine? Sign up for a session of hot laps around a real racing track, behind the wheel of a race-ready, six-speed V8 Commodore. You’ll forget everything else – just you and the heart-pumping, mind-bending acceleration of your V8!

Backwards Abseiling

Always wondered what it’ll be like to clamber down steep rocks in reverse direction? Try abseiling – you’ll literally be suspended backwards on vertical, over-hanging rock faces, full of crags and spills. It’s like climbing down blind – it’s the true test of one’s mettle.

White Water Rafting

Perth’s mighty Avon River is a wild call to white water rafters and kayakers the world over. Attempt the scary Avon Descent. Experience the heart-thumping excitement of the grade 2 and 3 rapids. If possible – if possible at all, do try and admire the stunning scenery around you.

Kite Boarding

Kite Boarding is an exciting sport as it is, but in Perth, kite boarding takes on a different dimension. Perth is blessed with such strong winds that whether you kite-board at Brighton Beach, Leighton Beach or Mullaloo Beach, you will enjoy the most exciting kiteboarding you’ve ever experienced.

Laser Gun Fighting

To dress up in military camouflage gear, complete with the boots and cap, attend weapons training and hit the battlefield! It’s exciting, especially when you have real laser guns to fight with and can look forward to 4 to 6 action-packed, aggressive, do-or-die missions. Can you say no to that?

Hot Air Ballooning

To look down upon beautiful Perth, its coastlines, major city landmarks, rolling hills, Avon Valley’s meandering streams and lush green fields – what an opportunity! See Perth from a bird’s eye view while hanging on for balance up in the sky. Don’t miss it!

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