Over the years, television shows like Lost and movies like Castaway have challenged people to think about how they would survive if they found themselves all alone on a deserted island. There is something fascinating and primal about the idea of being stranded somewhere and finding out if you could survive with minimal supplies and no creature comforts. Many like to debate which items would be best to have on hand, should a person find themselves in this situation. Below is one possible list of items.

The first item would have to be abladeops.com survival knife. This is crucial not only for building shelters, rain water catchers, fishing poles and nets, and maybe even a raft, but it can be used for killing wild animals for food. This versatile tool would be vital to survive.

Fire is important for cooking food and keeping warm at night, not to mention letting passing ships know you’re there, so a decent-sized piece of glass would be a good choice. Fire can be made without it, but an inexperienced person is likely to starve or freeze to death before they learn. The glass would buy some time and keep your energy up as you learn to build fires in other ways.

Third on the list would be a thick, sturdy blanket. This is a versatile item that would not only keep someone warm and shielded from the sun, but it could also be fashioned into a bag to carry wood, food, or anything else one might need to transport.

Technology is great, but smart phones, e-readers, and the like would be completely useless after one day. Older technology, such as a solar powered two-way ham radio would be ideal as the fourth item. One could continuously try to contact the outside world, because while survival is the primary goal, the hope of rescue really keeps a person alive. Plus, if any kind of radio station could be found, the music and sound of people’s voices would be important in keeping sane.

It would be impossible to avoid injury and sickness on an island, so a well-stocked first aid kit would be extremely important. Antibiotics, including ointments and pills, would be crucial. Things like bandages could be fashioned, but having those on hand wouldn’t hurt either. In reality, it’s unlikely most people would do well all alone on a deserted island, but these items would offer a fighting chance.

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