The largest city in Australia, with about 4.5 million inhabitants is the city with more tourist push in the country. It’s a city with great quality of life and multicultural nature, although it is also one of the most expensive.

Sydney is a city of relatively recent creation, since it was founded by Arthur Phillip in 1788 and is the oldest city in Australia. Really its number of inhabitants did not grow significantly until 1851 where the gold rush came to the lands of Sydney, receiving thousands of immigrants. At the beginning of the 20th century the city reached one million and already during this century Sydney grew at great pace due to many immigrants from Arab and Asian countries that have turned to Sydney in what is today, a mostly cosmopolitan city.

They have become the great cultural diversity of Sydney a great tourist destination worldwide. Possibly its two most popular items are the Sydney Opera House building, which symbolizes the city with its characteristic form organic shaped candles and Sydney Harbour Bridge, was a single world longest arch bridge in 1932 and today remains a major tourist attraction.

Other tourist points of the city is the District The Rocks, this being the oldest in Sydney, it contains much of the cafes, art galleries, tourist venues and hotels in the city.

Paddington is one of the most attractive neighborhoods, also boasts numerous clothing stores and independent art galleries, the neighborhood has a large number of Victorian houses in beautiful invoice and in addition, Saturday sessions are complemented with a market.

What is also particularly tourist is Darling Harbour, thanks to its numerous activities such as concerts and their premises such as bars and restaurants. In this area we also find Sydney Aquarium, an aquarium that is visited by most tourists visiting Sydney.

The cultural mix of the city gives rise to neighborhoods such as Newtown, being one of the most alternative areas where, for example, can eat at ethnic restaurants. There give a fact; Thai restaurants are more than 30 in the neighborhood.

Transport in Sydney are really full, bus, metro, railway and ferry complete the offer of transport, urban, and can we move from a point to another city soon and that quite easily in the majority of cases.

There is no doubt that Sydney is one of the cities that moves as many new trends, thanks to the multiple origins of its population. This quality as a “factory” of new movements made the city remember to cities like London in this aspect. London has with a greater history and traditions more rooted in society but there is an element that is noted in both cities, since many of the hotels in London until some of the markets or a park around Sydney is influenced by the spirit of Metropolis and blend of cultures.

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