When traveling from Luton To Heathrow it’s vital that you know exactly what transport you’re taking and at what time. There are certain things that you should expect with any company and this is especially true when it comes to transport. An unreliable or unprofessional company could mean that you are wasting both your time and money. To ensure you know exactly what to expect when it comes to getting a taxi to Heathrow read this article to get a good idea.

No Group Too Big Or Small

There is no point travelling in a taxi with a big group if they don’t cater to it. Often times when you are travelling to large airport such as Heathrow you will be travelling with your family. If the taxi firm does not have space or cannot fit you in then you will have a problem.

To prevent this you should always ensure that you check they can cater to your group size before you call them.

Cater To Your Childs Needs

You should always make sure that if you’re travelling with children the taxi firm can supply them with whatever you need. If this means having special seat sizes and children’s seats then you should expect them to provide it. A firm that doesn’t go out of its way to help you in that instance is a firm you should avoid, as it often means they will overlook other aspects of your needs.

Know The Route

Normally you would expect most taxi drivers to know their way around London. However, if the firm is new or has just started then it could be the case that they are just getting to grips with this large city.
Make sure that you ask how long they have been in business, as a taxi firm that has been in business a long time often knows their way around. Just to double check, tell them your route before they take you so they can plan their journey properly in advance and make sure they get you to Heathrow on time.

Help With Luggage

One thing you should never expect from a professional Taxi firm is for them to offer sub-standard service. If you are struggling with your luggage you shouldn’t expect them to sit in the front happily eating a sandwich. Always remember that you’re paying for a service and from this you expect to be helped and assisted in any way.

Arrange Business Accounts

If you are a regular and travel from Luton to Heathrow often, then check to see if they offer a corporate account. Corporate accounts will allow you to save money over the long term and see your investment with that firm back over time. It does no harm in checking especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of money with that firm. If you find a taxi firm that doesn’t offer this type of service, you should consider going somewhere else. The money that can be saved will add up over the long term.

By Sohail Ali, Luton to Heathrow Booking Manager at Beaumont Taxis. Keep up to date with Sohail’s advice by subscribing to this page.