The hotel industry is one of those businesses that many people take for granted. They arrive at the hotel on their designated reservation, check in and enjoy the services it has to offer. Things like room service and the general maintenance of the hotel are all taken care of behind the scenes, when you’re away for the day or out having your meal.

The people are quick so they buzz in and out easily. So invisible are most of these staff, so good at their job, that they are often neglected when considering the hotel, simply tucked behind the curtain where they’re unseen.

Respect Your Housekeeper

The housekeeper, for example, is one of the hardest workers in the hotel. They go through each and every room in the building every day providing clean sheets, making the beds and leaving dry towels. But they often have to deal with a lot worse than that. They’re responsible for cleaning the rooms after the people leave, from top to bottom, and people can leave behind some strange stuff. It’s not uncommon for them to have to deal with soiled sheets, undergarments, leftover refuse, moldy or spoiled clothing and much, much worse.

There are some very unfortunate stories about housekeeping having to deal with dead bodies left in the rooms, and that can be quite a traumatic sight to walk into, all for a relatively low paying job. They’re work horses who do far too much for their pay grade and barely get the recognition they deserve.

Maintenance Workers go Unnoticed

Of course on the same token there’s the other support staff in the hotel, such as the general maintenance. They’re the people who have to fix anything that’s broken and make sure things keep working. If something in your room isn’t working, they’re the ones that are called.

But on top of this they are responsible for all of the systems in the hotel, from the light bulbs in each and every lamp, the television services, making sure the pool pumps are all working and more. If you cause a clog in the toilet, for example, these are the poor individuals who have to handle whatever mess you had to leave behind, and all for very little recognition or acknowledgement.

Be Kind to the Receptionist

There are those who get recognition quite often, and it’s not always a good thing. The receptionist at the front of the hotel is a human being, but quite often people can end up treating them worse than dirt. They’re the face of the hotel, the ones people will talk to if anything is happening and the ones who are blamed should anything go wrong.

Many people think they can just call down to reception and get whatever they want handled, and receptions are responsible for making this service seamless. However they can also be very busy with plenty of customers lined up, or some more complicated requests being handled. Imagine how frustrating it can be trying to handle an angry customer while people continue to call you up to arrange wake-up calls.

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