Christmas has come and gone, New Years is but a distant memory and yet the weather is still pretty bleak, with the worry of snow and blizzards affecting everything from power supply to simple transportation. Sadly these later winter/early spring months can be quite a dreary time of year. As most people don’t enjoy a holiday in the sun until the summer, looking forward to the opportunity of going on holiday in July and August may excite you now for a small while. However, ultimately this future planning results in you becoming more disheartened as you realise quite how far away your next break from work actually is. The trick is to try and bring back some of the memories from previous holidays gone by to give you some of the sensations you felt whilst away from the stress of work.

Break out the Holiday Photos

Surely the cheapest way to bring the memories of previous holidays back to the forefront of your mind is to sit down with your loved ones and go through some of the stacks of photo albums you have created over the years. At first you may think this is a poor replacement for actually being out in the sun on a beach somewhere, but you may soon find yourselves enjoying an evening reminiscing about times gone by telling your children the stories behind the events which resulted in some of the more memorable photographs being taken. Even better would be to break out some of the old video camera footage you took while on your travels, which would not only enable you to enjoy the times you spent abroad with those closest to you, but likely result in plenty of jokes being aimed at that awful hairstyle you thought looked good back in the nineties. Yes, this may only work every so often, but on an evening when you come back from work after a stressful day and the next holiday is but a tiny dot on the horizon, this may just keep you sane for a few more weeks.

Tantalise the Taste Buds

Another and possibly more effective way to bring the memories of previous holiday experiences rushing back is through your taste buds, one of the most expressive of our senses. There is very little more effective at touching a nerve or reminding us of a certain time in our lives than food, so cooking up some treats from your favourite places around the world is very likely to do the trick. Even just the smell while you’re preparing the meals may be enough, let alone the moment when you taste your cuisine.

A great example of this is the huge range of products on offer at Cruga Biltong which would be perfect for anyone who has sampled similar delicacies when over in the gorgeous nation of South Africa. Biltong itself comes in many different flavours and can be made from numerous different meat types, meaning there really is something on offer for everyone. Whether your palette prefers the hot flavours found in chilli biltong or the more reserved flavouring found in the original, there really is no such thing as a bland flavour where biltong is concerned. So anyone who is missing the brilliant times they had when they were lucky enough to visit South Africa, taking the time to get your hands on some top quality biltong products is guaranteed to bring the flavours enjoyed while there come flooding back once again, and with the weather as it is, it’s probably as close to South Africa as you will be getting until your next holiday. 

Emily Starr is a writer who suggests that if you can’t wait till the summer months to enjoy your holiday, then you should excite your taste buds now with the exotic and authentic taste offered by food such as biltong.