Its that time of year again when the festivals of the UK start to sell their tickets. Festivals have developed into playgrounds of pleasure for both young and old. Yes, the music remains a very important part of the whole event but now there is also a trend to expand the festival into a whole other animal. Check out some of these festivals and start packing…


This festival is certainly unique and is certainly the choice for those with families. Headlining acts have great musicians (think Elton John and Snoop Dog) but also comedians and kids entertainers ( Dick and Dom). The festival is held on the Isle of Wight and promises to have a little something for everyone. The site is just spectacular and it is the annual event of the year. Just don’t forget your fancy dress costume!

Klaxons @ Bestival
Glastonbury is the daddy of all festivals in the UK. It has been running for decades and it attracts the biggest acts in the world. For instance, this year, the likes of U2 and Coldplay will be entertaining the crowd. And what a crowd. The punters that manage to get their hands on a lucky ticket range from rockers in their eighties to babies. It is possibly the best place on earth to people watch and certainly it has a some serious photographic potential. If the music doesn’t grab you there are fairgrounds, circus, comedy, theatre, poetry, crafts and the food comes from a global kitchen. This festival should be done at least once in your lifetime.
Hay on Wye
This festival may not be the first thing that you think about when you think about going to a festival. Hay is a literary festival that totally rocks. It has tonnes of readings by famous authors, scientist, comedians and children’s authors. Hay also attracts some great musicians to its base in the Brecon Beacons. This year Noah and the Whale will be performing, as well as the pianist Philip Glass. The festival is set in the heart of Wales and the Brecon Beacons is breathtakingly beautiful. It is a wild and gorgeous place that is well worth the drive. And what a drive! If welsh countryside driving rings your bell, then this is the destination that you should be heading for. Open your mind and try a festival that is totally different, you may just love it.

Brecon Beacons, Wales

The Secret Garden Party
The Secret Garden Party is a little known festival that was developed to make the festival experience more individual than the mainstream festivals. There is a wonderful creativity to this festival and all attendees are actively encouraged to try new things as well as participate in all of the activities. There is music, theatre, poetry, a fantastic Spa and an area that claims to be a sanctuary.


Secret Garden Bodypainting

This festival has to be seen to be believed. It is not at all commercial and the numbers are restricted purposefully. If you are up for something different, try this amazing event.

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