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Sailing is one of the world’s most popular and beautiful sports. There are few pastimes that can compare with the serenity and grace of sailing in the seas, and of feeling the wind on your face while you enjoy the process of steering your own yacht, or of just sitting back and watching the waters flow past you. Almost three quarters of our planet consists of water. Therefore, there never is any dearth of places where you can indulge in your favourite activity. From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, the world is full of amazing sailing destinations, and it is not easy to choose just the top five among them. However, we have put in some research and effort, and tried to narrow down the list. Here are five of our favourite sailing destinations in the world.

The Bahamas

Rum and pineapples, palm trees and excellent beaches – there is so much to see and do in the Bahamas. These 2400 cays and over 700 islands are among the world’s best sailing destinations. The warm Atlantic Ocean, the splendour of the natural beauty of this region, and the many different islands where you can explore new cuisines and new vistas are but a few of the reasons why this is a popular sailing destination. The temperatures remain almost the same throughout the year and whether you are a novice or an expert, you are sure to find routes to make you happy.

The Greek Islands

With over 6000 uninhabited islands, this Mediterranean region is a fabulous place to go sailing. Whether you are just starting from the stunning island of Mykonos or you are sailing to Symi, there are excellent mooring places all around. There are some great restaurants almost everywhere, which boasts of the famed traditional Greek hospitality. From this cradle of the western civilisation, you can sail across to several other destinations such as Turkey and Croatia. Many sailors also travel from here to the coastlines of France and Spain, enjoying the balmy water of the blue Mediterranean.

New Zealand

The New Zealanders have more boats per capita than anywhere else in the world, and they have some of the best sailing routes in their vicinity. Lovely inlets, stunning coves, good weather and excellent infrastructure – sailing enthusiasts just love to go to New Zealand for a sailing holiday. The most popular sailing spot is the historic maritime park, the Bay of Islands. It consists of over 144 islands, wildlife such as dolphins, penguins and exotic birds, and a long interesting coastline.

Petite Anse Kerlan, Praslin Island, Seychelles


For glimpses of paradise, Seychelles beckons you. Crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, without the tourist crowds, and calm and cool waters are all a part of these beautiful islands. You can dock at any one of their well-equipped marinas and even go for a trek up the mountains next to the coast. Water sports are available in plenty, and the waters are easy to navigate. The white beaches seem endless and the scenic vistas range from green forests to rugged mountains.


Enchanting Thailand has become one of the most popular sailing destinations in Asia. Phuket bay is the prime destination, but all around the coastline of Thailand you can find inlets and coves that offer great sailing experiences. The majestic limestone cliffs jutting out of the clear blue waters at Phang Nga Bay are among the most spectacular scenes in the world. Thailand is renowned for its beautiful coastline and amazing cuisine. Luxurious relaxed sailing through calm waters and peaceful bays make this a great sailing destination.

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