Dental tourism in Bangkok has over the recent years developed into a flourishing enterprise. People from all over the world, head to Bangkok for various dental treatments. The numbers of dental tourists visiting Bangkok has witnessed a sharp raise and for good reason. Bangkok is beginning to be recognized as a city of highly qualified and skilled dentists with facilities that match international standards. Most dentists have studied and trained in the best dental colleges. They are experienced, competent and deliver what you want, all at a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay back home.


Factors Necessary before Making a Dental Appointment

Guidelines always come in handy, more so if you are traveling to Bangkok for a dental appointment. Here are a few important things that you need to do before proceeding to a clinic in Bangkok.

Plan ahead – Dentists in Bangkok are a busy lot. Don’t expect to walk into a clinic and be attended to immediately, unless of course it is an emergency. Plan ahead, and take an appointment a few weeks in advance. Confirm your appointment before going through with your plans.

Act with prudence – Check the rates for dental procedures at various clinics before deciding on one. You will be surprised at the varying price differences. Act with discretion and avoid selecting a clinic just because it is the cheapest. Look for reviews and do a bit research before picking a clinic.

How Much Do Dental Treatments Cost In Bangkok

Though the prices may vary between clinics, the one thing that you will find in common in all clinics is that they all have a printed price card. This offers not just convenience, but you are also assured there will be no hidden cost that you will be required to pay up after the treatment. All the expenses are listed in black and white and you need to just pick the one that suits your pocket the best. That said you are definitely going to be surprised to notice that the cost of treatments is far less than what you would pay a dentist in the US.

Here is a look at approximate rates different clinic charge for various treatments:

Root Canal – The price for root canal treatment is an unbelievable 4,800 to 8,800 baht. This translates into you paying between $155 and $285 for root canal treatment, per tooth.

Fixing of Crown – The rates for fixing new crowns depends on the material being used. If you plan to have a Palladium based crown then you will need to shell out just about 10,000 baht, which when converted into US$ works out to be around $325.

Services Offered at Clinics

Clinics, you will find are very accommodating, especially if you are a foreigner. They will willingly fix an appointment for you even on the weekend. What’s better perhaps is they will arrange for an interpreter so there are no communication problems. Clinics will also suggest hotel accommodation at your request.

Book an Appointment Online

An appointment at a dental clinic in Bangkok can be made online. You can ask for quotes which clinics send you online. Compare the prices and fix an appointment.

Dental tourism in Bangkok is here to stay. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time you give it a shot.

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Marek Novak is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand. One of his favorite dental clinics in Bangkok is Smile Studio on Silom Road.