Spring is right around the corner and before you know it, your dream vacation homes will be all booked up. It’s time to start planning for your summer trips and getaways while they’re still available. Whether you’re looking to sneak away to an all-inclusive, have a family-friendly romp in a theme park or head overseas for some sightseeing, we’ve got you covered.


Step 1 – Find a Place to Stay

Once you figure out what kind of trip you want to take, you’ll need to center your plans around your accommodations. Renting a vacation home, in many cases, is a cost-effective way to blend comfort and convenience, and will often be more inexpensive than a hotel room. Plus, the advantages you get with a kitchen, living room and driveway could be invaluable in many destinations.

Step 2 – Clear Your Schedule

This should arguably be done first, but it’s a lot easier to get out of a time commitment when you’ve already booked your vacation home. Regardless, be the first one to request the time off and you’ll avoid that headache altogether. Mark it off on every calendar you own so you don’t accidentally make plans. And when it comes time for your trip, clear any pending obligations beforehand so you’re not worrying while you’re on the beach.


Step 3 – Travel Smart

Sometimes, getting there is half the battle – whether you want it to be or not. Do your best to streamline your travel and you’ll maximize your away-time. Don’t be afraid to spend the extra $50 on a flight that is scheduled at a much more convenient time. If the cheaper itinerary brings you in late at night and flies you home early in the morning, you’ve lost an extra day and a half simply by being tired at the start and calling it an early night in the end.

Step 4 – Pack Light

It’s okay, this is where most of us fall short. Packing light is a very valuable skill, especially when travelling far and by air. There are a few important things to note: will there be laundry facilities where you are staying? Will you need room for souvenirs on the way home? And will you really need more than 2 pair of socks in the Bahamas? Put some thought into your packing and you will thank yourself when you’re invariably running late, dragging your suitcase down the terminal.

Step 5 – Enjoy!

Above all else, have a great time. That is why you’re taking a trip, right? Once you’ve cleared your schedule, booked one of those vacation homes, and stuffed your snorkel into your suitcase, your mind should be on one thing alone: enjoying yourself.

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