We created a bucket list this year and we added a few travel destinations and what we’d like to do there. So we thought we’d share them with the rest of you and we’d like to know what other areas you think we should add to our list.

North America

Ellis Island Tour

 A beautiful museum in America full of history about the cultural diversity between 1892 and 1954. The museum is situated near the Statue of liberty so it will be two birds with one stone for us.

Steamboat Springs Ski Resort

Apparently an amazing place between the Rockies if you’d like to put on the ski’s and ski over fluffy soft snow.

Tornado Springs

Definitely one we’ll try to do as soon as possible. It’s the Tornado tourism adventure. There’s a company that will take you tornado hunting and keep you a safe distance from the tornado so you can view nature doing its work.

Zero Gravity Flights

Near Orlando you’ll find the Kennedy Space Centre where you will be able to experience a zero gravity flight (NASA trains their astronauts in this program as well).


Eiffel Tower

First stop will be the Eiffel tower which is a must for anyone hitting France. We’ll also enjoy some traditional Croissants while drinking some vintage red wine.

Courcheval Snowboard heaven

After experiencing the ski resort in America we’ll head over to the Snowboard resort at Courcheval, where you can jump onto a snowboard and enjoy the powder snow and rolling hills. They also offer chilled champagne and a fun park for the kids (If you take them along of course).

The Chocolate coast

Our next stop will be the chocolate coast which is situate din the Basque country. Hot chocolate has become a fashionable drink in this part of the coast and apparently you’ll get the best tasting hot chocolates in the world here (I have a sweet tooth so this was my choice).

South Africa 

Cape Town

When in Cape Town you have to do as the Capetonians and that means go to the Waterfront to enjoy their culture with street performers, local dishes and good company. After the Waterfront mall, we’re climbing Table Mountain!

Garden Route

The garden route is a lush coastal road filled with many towns along the way. Well make a stop at the Redberry Farm (Quad biking, strawberry picking and more) at George, eat seafood at Knysna and then spend the night in Hartenbos after our Garden Route trip.


Our last stop will be Madagascar as we’ve always wanted to see the diverse species on this small tropical island. My wife has always had an inkling for the Horned Chameleon and I’ve also booked a beautiful cabin on the Nosy Be Island which is the favourite amongst tourist there for its great service and cheap costs.

Patrick and his Wife are eager to go on this trip and they hope you enjoy it as well if you follow their steps. They recommend getting accommodation in Hartenbos since they received great service there!