New York is famous for many things:  landmarks, attractions, entertainment, and an energy unlike any other city on Earth.  New York is also famous for fiercely devoted residents – and there are over eight million of them – who love their city.  People from all over the world have relocated to New York City and call it home.  Despite the high cost of living and population density of New York City (Manhattan is the most expensive and densely populated urban area in the United States), residents understand that the benefits of living in the city far outweigh the challenges.

So what makes New York such a great place to live?  Every resident might have a unique answer, but there are some characteristics that set New York apart from any other city in the world:

  • Cultural Diversity – New York City has long been an initial destination for immigrants from around the world.  Around the turn of the 20th century, millions left hardship in Europe for the promise of a better life in America.  Many of them stayed in New York, settling ethnic enclaves whose cultural roots are still visible today.  Over the course of the 20th century, immigrants from other parts of the world – Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia – have settled in and made New York their home.  Today, about a third of the population of New York City is foreign-born.  The result of this steady stream of newcomers is evident in every corner of the city.  Ethnic restaurants, shops, neighborhoods and celebrations contribute to a rich and diverse identity for the city and its residents. 
  • Economic Diversity – As a center of the global economy, New York City is major hub of many industries.  Employment opportunities exist in industries such as banking and finance, media and advertising, entertainment and hospitality, fashion and the arts, world trade, and many more.  In addition, thousands of workers are needed in the trades and services industries to keep such a big city running smoothly.  New York is home to individuals at every level of education and income bracket, and this economic diversity is reflected in the housing market and economy of the city. 
  • Entertainment Diversity – It’s hard to imagine being bored in New York City, because there are virtually limitless opportunities for entertainment in every neighborhood.  Venues like the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the theaters of Broadway, and many more make New York a premiere destination for the performing arts.  Sports enthusiasts can tour, and maybe even catch a game, in the new Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden.  Foodies can choose from the thousands of restaurants throughout the city, offering everything from a slice of New York style pizza to some of the most highly-rated cuisine in the world.  No matter what you like to do, you can find it in New York.

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Harold Mabugest loves New York, coffee, and writing. He is currently a content creator for Manhattan Management Group.