Cruise holidays have recently hit the headlines after a spate of horrifying incidents, from power outages to norovirus outbreaks to the terrifying and disastrous event of the Concordia in Italy.

All have seen cruise passengers subject to terrifying and shocking circumstances, that none of us would wish on our greatest enemies and highlighted the importance of cruise travel insurance.

The most recent incident on the Carnival triumph left over 3,143 passengers and 1000 crew stranded for almost a week off the Gulf of Mexico after a fuel leak caused a fire. The ship lost electricity, air conditioning and functioning toilets leaving passengers in shocking unsanitary conditions.

While incidents such as these are hopefully rare, it makes a huge case for protecting yourself against the worst. Aside from the recent bad press, cruises can be a fantastic break. They offer a few weeks away exploring a wealth of interesting countries and new cultures before embarking to a new one. In between, you spend time on an impressive and vast cruise ship, with choices of entertainment, food and new people to meet.

Cruises are famously social, and you could end up making friends for life on a cruise as you encounter them every day or your journey around the ship. A cruise offers an easier and cheaper way of exploring an area of the world and expanding your horizons and experience of the world.

For avid cruise goers, a cruise is something they may spend months or years saving up for and is an event that sparks excitement and much planning. For something that costs so much money and an event that people have been planning for years, it would be awful to think they weren’t protected if they didn’t have cruise travel insurance.

If the cruise is cancelled or something goes wrong during the trip, passengers could be thousands of pounds out of pocket if they aren’t insured. Cruise travel insurance covers the unexpected such as illness, injury, trip interruption, lost luggage or security evacuation – so even if something does ruin or disrupt your trip, you’ll have some kind of compensation for it.

So rather than letting the recent events of some cruise trips ruin your views of setting sail, it is much better to just make sure you’re covered before you take to the seas. Nobody can predict incidents occurring but it is much better to protect against them if they do.

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