If you are wondering what kind of holiday to take this year, then it might be worth hiring a campervan and getting out into the fresh air of the open road.
Planning a holiday, especially if times are tight financially, can often be tricky and lead to indecision, as, after all, just doing the same things each year in the same places can become very boring. If you want to try something different this year, then hiring a campervan might open the door to a whole new kind of travel experience for you.
The great thing about this type of holiday is the freedom that it affords, as there is little need to worry about booking an expensive hotel or self-catering accommodation for your holiday when your mode of travel is also where you are staying. While you may need to book space at a campsite or caravan park, this is much more flexible and straightforward to handle than staying in more conventional places. It is also quite straightforward to hire a vehicle on the internet, which can be a good place to start looking for a fabulous campervan holiday.
Driving a motorhome is also not as difficult and as onerous as might be expected. Like any vehicle bigger than a car, the driver will have certain blind spots. Yet if you drive carefully and check mirrors, this is unlikely to be a problem. It might also be a pleasant break from the kind of driving that you normally do on your way to work or for the school run.
Sociable types
You will also find a whole community of people out on the road. A real culture has grown up around holidaying in motorhomes and campervans and many are only too pleased to stop and chat when they see that you share their enthusiasm for this kind of travel. If you need help, then most will be only too pleased to offer advice and assistance, whether mechanical or practical.
In fact, parking up with the Mediterranean or the jagged Spanish sierras for a view, safe in the knowledge you have a dozen or so other campervans in your enclave to help keep each other safe, can prove to bring a very comforting night’s sleep.
So that doesn’t sound too bad, does it? As your thoughts turn towards your next holiday, why not think about hiring a campervan for a couple of weeks? As a way of unwinding and unfastening all the knots of stress that normal life twists into us, it is very hard to beat.

Chris Harvey is a holiday enthusiast, who cannot remember the last time he did not use his trusty campervan for one of his many trips across the UK. As well as travelling, he writes on a range of topics for a living, offering his insights and expertise to websites such as www.motorcaravanhire.com.