Karnataka is probably India’s most diverse state. With various geographical differences and influences of different cultures, Karnataka is a beautiful place for travel. From hill stations to beaches, from history to modern day culture, this is one of India’s top travel destinations. You can choose from the following categories and plan a trip to this lovely place:

Historical: When comes to Indian history, the most historical place that comes to mind is Hampi. Hampi dates back roughly to 1 A.D… Known for its temples and ancient civilization, Hampi today can be seen in its ruins. The Virupaksha Temple is the most significant temple known to us. With many other such architectural wonders, Hampi is a must-see place when you visit Karnataka. Other historical places like the Mysore Palace, Tipu’s palace, srirangapatna, Bijapur, Gulbarga and the Bellary fort is a mandatory place to visit if you have a keen likeness towards historical destinations.

Leisure: Karnataka’s capital, Bengaluru is known for its British influenced culture and places. A cool and comfortable place to visit. As said earlier, Karnataka is known for its varying geographical regions. The coastline of Karnataka is home to lovely beaches. The Malpe beach is a lovely natural harbour. The limitless stretch of golden sand is simply breath-taking along with the whisper of the sea. The Marawanthe beach is another spectacular place to visit. With the sea on one side and the river Sauparnika on the other, and the hills at the background, the word breath-taking is not enough to describe it. The Karwar beach is the perfect getaway destination. With long stretches of golden sand on the green foliage behind you and the sea before you, your vacation is just picture perfect. St. Mary’s island is another place which is a must visit. About 6 km from the malpe coastline, this island is one unique place to see. Just 300 metres long and 100 metres wide, the island is renowned for its salt rock formations. For this reason, St. Mary’s island has been avowed as a National geographical monument. A natural wonder indeed.

Nature: For all those of you who relate to nature as a source of Zen, Karnataka is the perfect place to visit. Places like Coorg, Chikmagalur and Nandi hills are lovely places to visit. With breath-taking views of the hills and greenery, you will just transcend in to a state of peace and calm. While you are around these places you can visit Jog falls (the highest in Asia), Iruppu falls, Hebbe falls, Abbey falls, Sathodi falls, Gokak falls, Kalhatti falls and Shivasamudra falls. These places will leave you awestruck. For the wildlife enthusiasts, there are many wildlife sanctuaries you can visit. The Bandipur wildlife sanctuary, Rajiv Gandhi National park, Bannerghatta national park, Ranganthittu bird sanctuary, Daroji bear sanctuary and many more are there for you to choose from.

Karnataka is one place that has it all, from the prime of Indian rock and metal, to the history of India. This is a one stop place for all your vacation needs.

Leo: a travel photographer and enthusiast; freelance content writer for financial blogs and websites which help dealing with ppi claims, loans and debts.