These days, there is an absolute battle between the observation wheels in the world. The contest is which the tallest one is and even if one of them is at the top, this might not be for too long. Currently, the tallest observation wheels where to be found in Las Vegas and in New York, but soon they will be overshadowed by the one in Dubai that is yet to be constructed. The plans for the new observatory wheel is for a height of 210 meters and its construction will start later this very year of 2013. The brand new Dubai Eye will be taller than the tallest observation wheel in Las Vegas named The High Roller, which is only 168 m high. It will also be higher than the famous New York Wheel, which is 190 m high.

The Dubai Eye, the construction of which was announced in the middle of February, will also leave behind the Singapore Flyer with its 165 meters and the Star of Nanchang with its 160 m. Far behind will be the London Eye, being only 135 meters high. The two companies that were chosen to take part in the design process and the construction of the new observation wheel Dubai Eye are Starneth Engineering and Hyundai Contracting. The aim of the investors is for the wheel to reveal views towards the most iconic sites in Dubai like Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. According to the plans, the wheel will come with a huge LED screen that will show advertisements and other information that concerns the city of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. At the base of the wheel will be set an entertainment area and a zone for conferences and other events. Beside the wheel there will be a promenade with restaurants and cafes, boutiques and a deluxe hotel.

The ferry wheel is now the tallest one and will soon be second in height when Dubai Eye is completed is the one in New York city. It is 190 m tall, placed on the northeastern side of Staten Island. It features 36 capsules for tourists, each with capacity to carry 40 people. The wheel offers views to Manhattan, the New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty, as well as to the George Washington Bridge. The entire trip with the wheel lasts for almost 40 minutes. New York Wheel has capacity for 30 000 visitors each day and 4.5 million people for a year. If you want to make your visit in New York memorable, you better stay for a while for example in a studio rent New York or bed and breakfast in New York.

The third tallest ferry wheel is the one on Las Vegas. The High Roller is 168 m tall, set in an exciting entertainment and dining area on Las Vegas Strip. The steel construction has 29 cabins with capacity for 40 people each. The ferry reveals panoramic views over the entire city of Las Vegas and the tour lasts for 30 minutes. The High Roller ferry wheel will further feature a huge entertainment complex zone with restaurants, shops and plenty of places for entertainment and fun.