Getting around any place you vacation takes some planning and expectation for the unexpected. Being a tourist involves getting to those great sites or events in which you are interested. It can certainly be kind of tricky. Tourism is major for many cities and there are ways to get around.

You have several options for getting around. These include:

  • Renting a car
  • Taking city transportation
  • Tour guides
  • Walking
  • Using taxicabs

Car Rental

Now, depending on where the events or sites are located, you can choose what is simplest. Obviously, renting a car gives you total control over your time and getting to where you want to go. Budgetary issues can make car rental a challenge or not knowing the city. However, other options are available.

You can also plan car rental for specific days. If the activity plans for the day include a full day, this may certainly be the best route to take. Depending on where you stay, a car rental may be the only option if the place is secluded or on the outskirts of the city.

Public Transportation

You can take public transportation. This means making yourself knowledgeable about the system. Find out what buses take you where, the cost as well as where the boarding places are. Public transportation also allows you to see the city because you take in sites and surrounding areas while someone else does the driving.

The Chamber of Commerce typically has this visitor information for most cities. If not, there are other organizations that have it. Do the research while you plan your vacation. This alleviates the anxiety when you arrive.

Another thing to consider is if children are included in the trip. Public transportation and tour guides add excitement while allowing you the opportunity to make the trip a delightful family experience.

Tour Guides

Tour buses are available in most cities. Depending on where you choose to stay, the hotel may sponsor the pick-up of tourists for highlighted sites and events in the city. You can also make specific tour arrangements if you have interests other than those obvious to your vacationing place.


Not only is this good exercise, it can be an exciting time for all involved. If the event or site is in walking distance of your hotel, you can have a great time exploring the immediate surroundings.


Taxicabs are expensive. There is no way around this. However, you can use this option when you have special night events. A night at the opera or dinner and dancing are events that make the expense well worth it. This information can be found out while researching your vacation site.
A very important part of tourism is researching the city where you are going. The best mode of transportation can certainly depend on where you are located and the sites you want to see. It can also depend on the events you have scheduled. The really beneficial part of planning how you get around as a tourist is getting the most enjoyment out of where you are going.

John Nestor is a content writer who has travelled extensively. During his expeditions, he realized that it was quite difficult to move from one place to another while in a foreign country. This led to his covering topics like airport car rental in Toronto which is aimed at helping tourists who come to Canada get around easily.