Indian cuisine is a popular choice for many residents of London, and in the UK overall. London is the home to so many great restaurants and a great number of exclusive restaurants as well. When you hear exclusive, you might automatically assume that these restaurants would be very expensive. This is not the case with some of the best, most exclusive and award-winning restaurants Here are a few examples where you can enjoy the exclusive experience.

Masala Zone is a great example of what London Indian restaurants can really offer you to begin with. First, Masala Zone is a group of great restaurants, not just the one. This means the option is easily accessible to everyone. The restaurants are based in difference locations around the city of London. The restaurants offer a memorable and enjoyable experience and has a number of sister restaurants as well. And, as promised, the prices are quite affordability.

The second of the exclusive London Indian restaurants, Amaya, is actually one of the sister restaurants to Masala Zone, and has a reputation of exceeding expectations. You can enjoy the unique and exciting atmosphere in this restaurant and a great range of options depending on what you fancy. You can enjoy your favourite traditional dishes or the bar and grill dishes that this restaurant has to offer. The exclusive restaurant is sophisticated and fun at the same time. This means the experience can really be enjoyed.

Last, but not the least in London Indian restaurants; Chutney Mary is a very exclusive restaurant having won the award for Indian restaurant in the UK on two separate occasions. The restaurant offers customers a great and diverse range of dishes to choose from with specialist chefs in-house specifically to recreate dishes from their home region. This means you can get truly authentic dishes. This restaurant has been around for many years offering customers a great experience with wonderful food. The atmosphere also plays a great part in attracting customers to this restaurant specifically.

These are three of the best exclusive restaurants that London has to offer. They all offer their own unique experience so you can choose the specific experience that you are looking for. These restaurants are exclusive in the experience they offer as well as in the awards they have won for food and service.

London Indian restaurants can offer you such a great experience and a really enjoyable evening. Choosing the most exclusive restaurants in London doesn’t mean you should expect to spend more than you can afford.

Rachel is a freelance writer based in North Wales. Rachel enjoys dining out with her partner in London Indian restaurants. In her spare time; Rachel also enjoys reading, writing, and classic computer games.