So, you’ve finally resolved to load up your backpack and take the trip of a lifetime through Europe this summer. Now the question remains: where should you visit on your travels? From bustling cities to beautiful countryside landscapes and relaxing beach breaks, Europe has it all. Here are a few itinerary suggestions for your route through Europe and some tips for staying safe in the process.

Popular Routes

Where you decide to travel in Europe really depends on your interests, as well as your funds. If you want to get acquainted with some of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities, consider starting your travels in London, taking the Eurostar across the Channel Tunnel to Paris, and then continuing onward to Germany to head to Frankfurt and finally to Berlin. If you’re more interested in Eastern Europe, where you’re more likely to get a bigger bang for your buck, consider starting you tour in Prague before heading on to Bratislava, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Budapest, and Warsaw. Want the best of European nightlife? Consider a trip that takes you to Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, and Ibiza.

How to Stay Safe on Your Trip

No matter what route you decide to take through Europe, take a few precautions to make sure you stay safe while abroad.  First and foremost, read up on your intended destinations to see if there are any travel warnings in effect and/or if you need to receive any immunisations before you depart. If you’re staying in hostel accommodations, keep you valuables stowed safely in a locker when you’re not in the room and pack an alarm clock to help you catch those early morning tours and buses on to your next destination. Study maps before you leave the room and try to wear clothing that blends in with that of the locals to prevent being targeted. Be wary of food from street vendors and make sure to look after your drinks when you are out at a bar or club. Travelling with a companion is highly recommended, especially in the evening hours. Finally, consider buying a special backpacker’s insurance for your trip; the insurance policy will provide coverage in the event that your valuables are lost or stolen or that you suffer an illness or injury while abroad.