Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and every year, thousands of people from the round the globe flock to see the natural marvels of this beautiful South African city. There is so much excitement and adventure in this part of the world that one certainly needs to spend at least a month here to cover at least the top places to go and things to do. Therefore, when visiting here with family, it might be best to rent out a villa or holiday property so that you can relax and enjoy yourself at leisure- having the comfort of home away from home. Here’s a list of a few things you absolutely must see and do when in Cape Town:

  1. Come face to face with a shark at Gansbaii: South Africa is renowned world-over for having one of the most diverse and interesting shark populations. One of the main tourist attractions in the city are the clear waters in which one can find a great variety of rare and exotic wildlife. Cage diving to see the great white shark is an excellent option for those with a strong stomach. The less adventurous can see the shark in a tank instead of themselves being enclosed in a cage at the Two Oceans Aquarium.
  2. Dangle from Table Mountain on a cable car: If you’ve seen any picture postcards of South Africa, you must’ve seen the famous Table Mountains. Aptly named after their shape, the Table Mountains are a gorgeous sight, especially when you get an aerial view of them from inside a cable car. For the more brave-at-heart, you can venture right to the top of Table Mountain, a height of over 110 metres. You can also catch great views from up here of the cities various other attractions.
  3. Shop for beautiful African souvenirs to take home:  When in Africa, be sure to take home some of the most beautiful art and craft pieces you’ll find anywhere in the world. You can go to Greenmarket Square or the Pan African Market to find the best deals and inexpensive goodies which you can stock up on by the dozen.
  4. Eat to your heart’s content: From local delicacies, to the international cuisine of almost any country in the world, Cape Town has some of the best cafes and restaurants in the continent. Some of the more exciting local cuisine includes spongy injeras or the local bread of Ethiopia, braaivelis or barbecues, amangina or chicken legs, and samp and pap which is essentially a local porridge-and-oats sort of meal. Ethiopian food is pretty popular in this part of the world and you can find many cafes and restaurants serving delicacies from this region here.

There’s something for everyone in Cape Town, and one must plan a long trip when coming here so as to fully enjoy its sights and sounds. Renting a villa gives you the luxury of being able to come home after a long day full of excitement and adventure.

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