Rates for hiring the services of a limousine are likely to vary between the different companies. A wide range of factors are likely to influence the rental fees charged by the limousine companies, such as those relating to the specific type of vehicle, mileage, time of year, and rental hours.

Type of Limousine

 A Chrysler 300, Hummer, and Cadillac limo are likely to have rental fees at the higher rate then what you would expect to see with a regular Lincoln limo. Age of the limousine often has an influence on the rates charged, with the newest and most up-to-date models attracting the high rates. Old model limousines are likely to attract the most cost-effective fees.

Passenger Size

Many of the limo service LA companies are likely to charge the rental fees by the hour; not passengers on board. So, if your party has a number of passengers it is likely to reduce per-person fees quite significantly. Limousines vary quite significantly in size, from a regular eight-seater to forty-seater motor coaches. Larger limousine vehicles, like the Hummer often charge higher rates, but since they are able to hold quite a number of passengers, the rate per person is often dropped.

Hours Used

Since the limousines are hired out on a per hour basis, companies often require a minimum rental period booked, often in the region of a four-to-six-hour service. For the larger size vehicles, like the motor coaches the minimum rental duration is likely to be at the higher end of the scale. Seasonal events are likely to have an impact on hours of rental. Prom season for instance is likely to have a say on mineral rental period. A further factor in the rate charged is the day of the week; you will find that the weekend fees are likely to increase quite significantly over what you might expect to pay during a regular mid-week rental. Lower rental fees are afforded mid-week due to the significant reduction in demand for the limousine services.

Rental Occasion

If a limousine is being hired for a theme or event, like a wedding or prom, this often has an influence on the fees charged by the limousine companies. If a customer hires multiple limousines for a special occasion such as a wedding, the hire companies often agree special deals as an outcome of the extra business. Elsewhere, in a business environment, you are likely to attract the more competitive rates in a standard limo rental for a conformable and on time ride, which is why LAX Airport Transportation is the best options for getting to the airport.

Related Expenses

In calculating the prices for hiring the limousines, costs such as mileage, is likely to influence the initial rate charged. Mileage fees aren’t always applicable. For example, if you are requiring a pick-up and drop-off service, a mileage might not be applicable, whereas if the intention is to spend the evening visiting the local nightspots, this might well result in the added expense of mileage. Limo bar, food, flowers and decorations might also involve extra expense; if required of course. Elsewhere, you might want to consider the driver tips aren’t likely to be included within the regular rates for hiring the limo.

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