Shanghai’s Pudong – A Testament to Its Rise to Power

Shanghai is China’s most populous city with over 23 million people living there. This city is the commercial and financial capital of China and is now the leading center for culture in all of Asia.

Pudong is at the heart of the business district where the highest skyscrapers are found. No longer a farmland, it now has 35 structures towering over 200 meters.

Beijing as an Economic Hub

This is one of China’s historic fortresses. Today, Beijing is a vast metropolis with fine architecture and numerous skyscrapers. If you want to enjoy a game of chess right after shopping in a busy district then Beijing is the best place to visit.

Shenzhen’s Vibrance

Modern day Shenzhen is now a cosmopolitan city that offers leisure, culture and business. If you are looking for a wonderful way to shop and dine but would not want to go to the busy streets of Hongkong, then this city is your best destination.

Sydney – A Strategic Point of Australia

Sydney’s CBD is the city’s commercial and financial hub. Here, there are more than 4.5 million square meters of towering buildings. These are quite comparable to the office spaces in London, Hongkong and New York. You have probably heard of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House – these two are world famous Aussie attractions strategically situated in the heart of the city.

Sites such as the Hyde Park, Fort Denison, The Government House, Chinese garden and the Royal Botanical gardens are just a few of the sights that you will surely enjoy there; and of course, your day won’t end without you spending your hard earned money on the shopping areas in Sydney.

Mumbai – Financially Secure

This is India’s financial capital as it is the center of banks, stock exchanges and financial companies. The Ballard Estate has now given way to the Nariman Point south of Mumbai. Redeveloped textile mills now line the Bandra Kurla Complex and the Lower Parel. Andheri is not far behind with its newer business complexes.

Dubai – Haven for Investors

Just think of the eight-lane highway on this city and you will know that it is a bustling center for business. Called a city without borders, Dubai is situated at the Persian Gulf and is the most developed United Arab Emirates city.

Starting with barely nothing, the city has made it big through its oil reserves. Now, there are lots of hotels and commercial buildings throughout. Tourists and investors all flock because of the sights and trading opportunities.

The great thing about this city is that it has not lost its traditions despite modernization. Majority of the population is comprised of foreigners, many of which have put their money on the bustling businesses that are found in Dubai.

About the author:

Andrew Livingstone is a business jet management specialist. Andrew has enjoyed incredible perks – traveling around the globe, enjoying new places, people and experiences – of which Thailand and its people topped his list.