Life is to short and it’s a big BIG world out there, it’s about time we started exploring it. I am all for relaxing on a beach soaking up the sun dipping into a crystal blue sea to cool down, but that’s all starting to change. After years of lying on a beach and returning home with a glorious tan I would always be asked, where did you go, what did you see, show us your photos. But when I could only say “oh we just stayed on the beach”, we started to get disappointed looks from loved ones. They wanted to know more and eventually so did we! So after looking around online and talking to other friends we decided to try a walking holiday from Thomson Lakes and Mountains, the photos looked amazing, the reviews on TripAdvisor seemed to be very strong and so we booked a week away in Slovenia.

Located right in the heart of Europe, Slovenia is full of the most amazing lakes I could ever have thought to imagine, historical castles kept in their true beauty, forests to hide and explore and all this surrounded by their stunning Julian Alps. We stayed in Kranjska Gora where we had a number of activities planned. Although we had an itinerary, after arriving home we decided that it was actually quite relaxed with plenty of refreshment stop offs.

In Kranjska Gora, it is in the Triglav National Park which is located at the base of the Julian Alps where you see lakes and waterfalls encased in plush green forests. The maps you are given are numbered which you can get from a rep or at the tourist office, which we saw many people doing. If it’ is your first time on a walking holiday or first time at hiking they provide an introductory walk to help you get your bearings and a little safety advice on trials and what to look out for. There are other hikes throughout the week, which are optional if you would like to join them, we did and got some amazing photos that we missed on the first walk. Going with a rep for your first time on a hike, is the better option as they know the best spots for the simple things, like a picnic, viewing platforms and break points – all with breathtaking views.

We also hired two bikes and took off on our own (we did stay quite local to the hotel, just in case something went wrong), again the views were amazing and we came across a fishing area which was quite nice to relax by and watch other go about their daily lives.

Upon arriving home, we had endless stories, wonderful photos and seemed to be more relaxed, refreshed and happy than when we returned from a beach holiday. So for us getting out there, whilst we still can is now a must for holidays. Have a look at some walking holidays for yourself and get up and go, you really won’t regret it.