When you mention the word “holiday” to someone who is struggling, financially speaking, the person automatically thinks about all of the money that he or she lacks that is needed to have a great vacation. What if this person has a distorted perception of reality? The truth is, you could go on a holiday to places like Ibiza and Santorini on a low budget and still have lots of fun. This article will tell you how to do this.

Last-minute deals

It is a common practice among travel agencies to offer last-minute deals to travellers. This means that you will get a low price, but you will have to book your trip immediately and the departure time will be within the next few days. If you want to spend little money on a holiday package, you have to keep an eye out for this sort of deal. Transportation, accommodations, and meals are all included in the price. The advantage is that paying for each of them separately would be much more expensive than an all-inclusive holiday package.

Still, not everything is so pink. There are lots of scam artists out there who are only after your money. For this reason, make sure you perform a thorough background check on the agency that offers you a last-minute deal. A rule of thumb is to stay away from unbelievably low prices because they are more likely to be shameless scams. It is best to go with a company with plenty of experience in the travel industry and a well-established reputation among consumers.

There also are travel sites that organise auctions, but the destination or accommodation conditions are usually revealed only to the winning bidder, so there is a quit high dose of uncertainty here.

A new approach to travelling

If you don’t even have enough money to pay for discount holidays, it is time to decide whether you should give up on your dream, at least for the moment, or to explore other possibilities. There are online sites where people from all over the world offer accommodations for free. They are eager to learn about other cultures, and they are willing to accommodate travellers in their own homes. These kinds of travel sites have a well-defined review system, which gives you a fair idea about the reliability of the provider.

The site usually offers a guarantee for their reliable members who have good reviews from former travellers. If you want this method to work, you need to avoid new users and go for the ones who already display credit through positive testimonials. It is always recommended to get in touch with former travellers for tips and advice.

Remember to stay safe

Nevertheless, you should not travel alone because of safety reasons. This is especially important for risk-takers who are thirsty for adventure.

In conclusion, if you want a discount holidays, you can either opt for a last-minute, all-inclusive package or for the newer travelling approach described above.