If you’re looking for a place to enjoy festival season 2013 you can do a lot worse than visiting Croatia this summer. London’s grey skies, never ending rain and cold winds might make you feel as though summer festival season is a million miles away however its closer than you think, so if you’re considering going, you really should start planning now.

When planning for a festival in England you can literally pack for all season and not be out of place. The UK is known for it’s unpredictable weather and an ever changing skyline, however if you plan on visiting Croatia this summer you can expect to see wall to wall sunshine so pack accordingly. Festival season is Croatia is turning into a bit of a fashion parade so it’s probably a good idea to pack clothes that’ll make you feel and look good during the endless boat parties and beach rendezvous

To keep you looking good during Croatia’s festival season we’ve put together a list things you definitely need to take with you this summer.

Designer Swimwear

The Outlook Festival is one of the biggest in Europe and it’s staged right on the beach and if you plan on going to it pack some design swimwear to make sure you look stunning all night. Swimsuits will also work too, so if you don’t feel confident strutting your stuff in a bikini a good swimsuit, oversized hat and a pair of designer glasses will help you stay cool so check out the latest fashion news for festivals.

Maxi dress

You don’t need to show enormous amounts of flesh to look good or enjoy Croatia’s many festivals this summer. Undoubtedly there’ll be times when a bathing suit or a bikini is over top and when that occasion arises, you can fall back on the trusted maxi dress. Try and pack at least one with you as they’re versatile, easy to style and can combine to create great fashion outfits.

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, a large hat to shield you from the sun and lots of lip gloss to keep you looking cool in the sun.