Europe, with enchanting cities like Berlin, Rome, Barcelona and London that strike a balance between ravishing history and avant-garde lifestyle, beckons tourists on vacation from the world over, as well as the backpackers who are out for a weekend break. Getting around these cities is easy with a variety of transport available, but their organized taxi services provide an affordable alternative for getting around.
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For your Barcelona getaways

Barcelona taxis are of a yellow – black combination, with an illuminated green light indicating that it can be hired. Ordinary taxis seat 4 passengers at a time, while van taxis can seat six.

Barcelona taxi stations or ranks are available outside all terminals of the airport, major train stations and bus stations. Taxis can be hired by calling at the following numbers.

+34 93 225 0000

+34 93 433 1020

Taxi fares are calculated by meters and begin with a minimum of 2.05 Euros. The usual rate is 1.18 Euro/ km. All supplementary charges are displayed on the back seat window and are added to the meter rate.

Only some taxis accept Visa and Mastercard. Carrying enough cash is a safer option.

For your weekend to Berlin

Berlin taxis have a ‘TAXI’ board on the top and can be availed at any of the taxi ranks, or by contacting taxi companies such as:

Taxi Berlin: +49 30 – 20 20 20

Würfelfunk: +49 30 – 21 01 01

You can also book a taxi via phone apps like (for android) and (for iPhones).

Beginning with a minimum fare of €3.20, they charge €1.65 per kilometre for the first 7 kilometres; and €1.28 for each kilometre above that. Extra charges apply for luggage or large taxis.

Payment via credit cards is limited. Hence, it is advisable to carry adequate cash.

It is advised to request for a receipt of payment. This comes in handy in case of forgotten luggage or disputes.

For your breaks to Paris

Taxis in Paris can be identified by the board ‘TAXI PARISIEN’. Free taxis are not so easy to find, especially during rush hours and weekends. It is best to hail one from taxi stations, or call and book in advance from companies such as:

Taxis Bleus




A chauffeur service in Paris can also be a good alternative to taxis.
Taxi fares in Paris are based on the zone and the time of the day. A starting charge of 2Euros and a minimum fare of 5.20 Euros are levied. Additional charges apply for extra luggage and distance from the taxi station.

Tipping is not obligatory, though rounding off the fare is courteous.

If paying by credit card, it has to be mentioned at the time of placing a call.

For your travel in Rome

It is easy to be cheated by unauthorized taxi drivers in Rome. Authentic taxis for Rome Travel are identified by an emblem on the side door with the words, Comune di Roma.

Flagging down a taxi in Rome is uncommon, so it is better to book one in advance by calling at 06 3570, 06 4994, 06 6645, 06 5551 or 06 8822. Several taxi stations are available at all major avenues.

Fares depend on the weekday and the time. Additional charges apply for luggage based on specified dimensions.

Roman taxis have two different fares Tariffa 1, which is applicable in the city centre. Tariffa 2 is higher and is applicable to highways.

A receipt and the driver’s license plate number come in handy in case a complaint needs to be registered.

During your London Holiday Breaks

London’s black cabs, popularly known as Hackney Carriages, come in a variety of models and colors, taking up to 5 passengers at a time. Taxis can be hailed from anywhere in the city, depending on the traffic. They can be booked via telephones, phone apps and websites. What is more, one can also tweet a taxi nowadays!

London taxis start with a minimum fare of £2.40. Taxi meters calculate fares based on the time of the day, distance travelled and the total time taken.

London taxi drivers are only too happy to answer tourist queries and supplement London Holiday Breaks with cheerful conversations. Tipping is not mandatory, but appreciated.