Boston is one of the places many people would like to visit in their lifetime due to the much attrition it offers to its guests. There are a number of place you can visit in Boston that will make your holiday interesting. If you are travelling to Boston via air, it is recommended that you enquire from easy jet offices via the easyjet contact details available on their website. They have various packages that you u may find worth considering while travelling to Boston. Below find seven amazing place you might want to visit while in Boston.

1. Museum of fine arts

This museum has some of the ancient pieces of arts, from European as well as American culture. It can be described as one of the places with largest collection of ancient artefacts and contemporary art. They got items from 15th century, which are unique and outstanding. The museum is huge. If you happen to be in Boston on a rainy day, this is one of the places you might want to visit.

2. Boston symphony orchestra
This is one on the places you must visit while in Boston. It is a huge hall in one of the oldest buildings ever. There are performances by various artists and the experience is just out of this world. The performances are carried out by some of the finest Boston musicians and artists.

3. Boston public garden
This is a well designed park, with more than 600 trees species, many beautiful flowers from the trees and it is famous for its attractive swam boats. There are various spots to check out in the garden and the swans and fountain makes it even more attractive. It is a perfect venue for picnic lunch; nature walks as well as relaxation. If you visit this garden at end of May, you will enjoy the best of everything, at this time everything is full blown.

4. Fenway park
It’s one of the oldest baseball league parks. It is located in a small environment that makes you feel like you are actually playing the game. You will enjoy this especially during summer holidays, it’s better than enjoying a beer in a club.

5. Arnold Arboretum
This is one of the huge places you may want to visit; it has 256 acres of land covered with beautiful trees, vines and shrubs. It’s a free park, you don’t have to pay anything even better, it’s very quiet, and had extraordinary combination of fauna and flora. It is a perfect break from the crazy hassle of the town life.

6. Boston harbour national park

This is one of the best places to visit; the national park is made up of 34 islands just offshore. The activities here include, camping, hiking, motor-boat, kayak, fishing and swimming among others. The tourist who visit this site will always remember boston due to the amazing scenes found on the island.

7. Waterfront
There are a series of stylish restaurants, a great walk way as you explore the various scenes on the waterfront. There are many things to see here and some of the best hotels are available here.