New Hampshire is a well-known tourist destination that constantly receives visitors from the region as well as from all the four corners of the globe. There are various reasons that make most travelers opt for New Hampshire as the preferred holiday destination. Notable reasons that would make any fun seeker visit the location comprise of the following:

Great Tourist Attraction Sites

New Hampshire has a lot to offer when it comes to great tourist sites which are spread all over the region. Attractions that will make the tourist mesmerized include the following:

Museums and Galleries:

The Oates museum and Gilbert Whites House in The Region of Selbourne.

Historical Sites:

Magnificent churches and cathedrals including Europe’s longest Gothic Cathedral.
Monumental Landmarks, Palatial homes and castles built in the countryside.

Natural Scenic Beauty

The region also prides in having some magnificent geographical sceneries that will be quite ideal for photography, bird watching and natural excursion. This comprise of:

Beautiful panoramic views of the countryside

A Visit to Odiham will offer a tourist a chance to view the Georgian cottages built in the early 16the century.

Fun filled outdoor experience

New Hampshire has a number of outdoor events that will keep a visitor entertained, this include:

Walking, canoeing and angling at Basingstoke canal
Hiking at Rattlesnake mountain in Rumney
Trekking and camping at Plummers Ledge in Wentworth.

Unique shopping experience

A visit to New Hampshire will provide a unique shopping experience in the following spots:
Lulu Guinness bags and Mulberry at the boutique in Four seasons
Shopping at Elphicks Farnham a departmental store that has been standing since 1881.
Medieval history as well as high end shopping at Guildford.
Finest farm produce shopping at Hampshire’s Farmers market.

Portsmouth Dockyard

A visit to the picturesque Portsmouth dock that has a strong historical affiliation to the British Civilization due to the following:

It is home to “Mary Rose” the oldest 16th century warship that is on display.

Portsmouth Dock is also home to the famous HMS Victory, a battleship used in the Trafalgar battle.
World famous English Ale

Ale plays an integral role in the culinary culture of the British people; a visit to the region will allow a visitor sample the finest traditionally brewed Ale from the following locations:

Traditional English Ale from Hogs back Brewery
Cask conditioned ale is also available at “The Waterwitch” in Odiham.
Flag Hill Winery and distillery in Lee
Candia Vineyards in Candia

A visit to the region is never complete without sampling tradition handmade cheese; the cheese as well as its related products is available from:

Hampshire cheese, makers of rich English cheese known as Tunworth
Jewell Town in south of Hampshire
The sandwich Creamery

Fun for the Whole Family

To cater for various needs of the family in regard to recreational fun, the locality offers the following events:

Children’ Museum in Dover
Stonehill Farm in the region Of Keene
McAuliffe Shepard Discovery Centre located in Concord

Garden and House Expedition

New Hampshire also offers a chance to take part in scenic excursions of the regions popular sites that include:

Fuller Garden in North Hampton
Saint Gauden in Cornish
The Fells at John Hay National Wildlife Sanctuary in Newbury

Great Culinary Experience

New Hampshire is famed for its great cuisine that is has earned the region wine as well as chocolate awards. Notable restaurants include:

Thai Smile restaurant in Portsmouth
Six Bistro in Portsmouth
The Fussy Diner

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