London is a fantastic city, and there is so much to do in the UK’s capital that an itinerary is certainly recommended. From Big Ben and the Tower of London to the Eye and the Houses of Parliament, a lot of your time will be taken up walking from attraction to attraction!

Thankfully, there are some traditional, quiet and relaxing villages not far from central London, where you can put your feet up and bask in the warm summer weather. London is one of those cities that will swallow you up if you’re not prepared for the busy traffic, hectic shopping streets and packed public transport. So why not avoid the queues this summer and spend the day in one of London’s villages! Let’s take a look at some of the best of them.


Greenwich has always been a traditional and popular villages, and located just on the banks of the Thames, it offers amazing views of the city. Over the last few years however, the city’s teenage communities have given the village a breath of fresh life, with the maritime museums attracting record numbers. With a variety of navel attractions, observatories and glorious parks to choose from, you could easily spend more than a day in Greenwich.


Another one of London’s traditional villages, Hampstead, is an elegant and suburban location, with a selection of private schools, organic food stores and lovely parks. One of the best things about Hampstead is the pubs, which all serve tasty pies and great ales. The Heath, probably Hampstead’s most iconic attraction, is always full of celebrities taking their morning runs. Make sure you save your spot on the grass when the weather is nice too, as the heath is packed with locals having picnics!


Highgate can be found on the northern line, and this village has always been one of the more reserved villages in London. Full of expensive houses, old churches and cute cafés, Highgate is the perfect suburbia for today’s modern family, and because it has easy access to central London, it has become popular place to sink a few ciders before hitting the town.

The Angel Inn, a traditional pub that has been in Highgate for over 30 years, tells the story of the village’s history via old photographs on its walls. There are also some hipster retro shops that have popped up over the last few years on the high street too, if you’re looking to get yourself a bargain! Speaking of bargains, we strongly recommend using a comparison site like to find the best times to travel and airlines to use to save yourself on travel expenses.


Barnes is only a few minutes on the train outside Waterloo Station, and it is a great place to escape the city. With lush countryside, trendy taverns and pubs, as well as a selection of wine bars on the high street, you could easily spend the day in Barnes just taking time out of your busy work schedule. Furthermore, Barnes also has some of the best charity shops in Greater London too!