You have probably been counting the days till you leave on that vacation that you booked months ago. Now the time has come to go to that destination that you have been fantasizing about ever since. Regardless of whether you are going to relax on the beach, camp in the wilderness, or explore a city you have never been to, you want this to be a memorable vacation that you can look back on for years to come. Here are some tips to help you avoid common vacation mishaps so that you have an enjoyable experience.


Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Nothing will ruin a vacation faster than painful sunburn, or even worse, sun poisoning. It only takes a couple of hours of being in the sun with not enough protection for your skin to start burning. This tip is not just for beach vacationers either. Anyone who is outside and exposed to the sun should take some SPF with you.

Avoid Using Cash

Do not cash out your savings account. While it is always good to carry some cash on you in case of an emergency, don’t carry too much on you. Muggers always know how to spot a tourist. The last thing you need while vacationing is for them to rob you of everything, leaving you without any spending money, or means to get home. Use traveler’s checks, debit cards, or credit cards instead. You can always get more cash when you need it.

Get Educated

Always educate yourself of the location you will be traveling to before you get there. Get information from the internet, a travel agent, or others who have traveled to this area. You will get a much better experience if you know where to dine, shop, sight see ahead of time. Research the hours of operation for places you will be visiting on your trip. This will help keep you from wandering around desolate areas that may leave you susceptible to falling victim to a crime.

Accidents Happen Sometimes

Nothing combines relaxation and fun like a cruise. They offer so many activities, stop at several breathtaking destinations, and have incredible dining options. You can watch a show, play roulette, or sit by the pool. Lately there has been a rise in cruise ships breaking down due to mechanical problems, leaving people stranded. Don’t let that ruin your fun. Find a cruise ship accident attorney before you go. It will give you peace of mind, letting you kick back and enjoy your vacation.

No matter where you are vacationing, following a few simple tips, and just using good judgment will make your vacation not only safe, but also unforgettable.