Miami is a playground for the wealthy and famous. It is extravagant, twinkling in riches and fringed by golden sandy beaches and palm trees. Arriving in the cosmopolitan city faced with music, nightlife, high fashion and classy culture can leave you overwhelmed with the different sights and sounds. Art-deco architecture, pastel shades and a Latin infused culture all blend together to create a diverse and fun destination perfect for sight seeing and creating a holiday to remember.

Here are some Miami must-sees to aid anyone booking their multi centre holiday, or twin centre holiday in 2014…

Ocean Drive

When you think of Miami, it is most probably Ocean Road that fills your mind, for the highly iconic strip is one many flock to see and experience first hand. Take a stroll to one of the most photographed areas of Miami for quaint, art deco architecture painted in soft pastel shades mixed with the bright lights of clubs and bars. The endless strip is not only known for its buildings however, for classic cars and expensive super cars are displayed up the street throughout the day, as tourists snap away at the cameras, and celebrities and celeb-wanna-bes parade the streets with oversized sun glasses and pricey handbags.


South Beach

The Miami hot spot where you can party all day, and quite literally dance all night. Home to Ocean Road, mentioned above, this trendy part of the city blends shopping and partying like none other. Wander amongst the art-deco architecture, take a stroll along the picturesque beach promenade or join the crowds in one of the many nightclubs and bars. It is the place to truly show off, so done your best bikini and beachwear ready to rub shoulders with the rich and famous with a cocktail in one hand.

Hit the sand

With perfect sun, sea and golden sands Miami beaches are infamous, and it is no wonder that so many flock to the coastal retreat to top up the tan or enjoy the surf. Even if you haven’t been on a board before, or want to polish off your skills, hire an instructor for some surf lessons so you can make the most of the Florida waves. If you don’t fancy the crowds at South Beach, head to Bill Baggs Cape Florida Park for a slightly more secluded beach with natural beauty and an iconic lighthouse. With water-sports such as kayaking on offer, along with quiet coastal walks this is a great place if you simply want to get away from the Miami crowds for a few hours, or days.


Little Havana

Embrace the Cuban atmosphere and Latin America vibes. Steer away form the crowds and tourists, and instead head to the neighbourhood of Calle Ocho (8th street) and the nearby back streets for an area that the Miami Cubans have worked hard to maintain. Here you will find many eateries, shops and events with that are similar to those back home. With a tobacco scent wafting through the air and gentle Latin music coming from various windows, you really do feel as if you have stepped across the water and are experiencing the true Cuban culture.


Miami Carnival

Home to a constant party atmosphere, Miami is always thriving with events around the city. So whether you want to marvel at expensive boats at the International Boat Show, taste delicious wines at one of the many food and wine fairs, or marvel at impressive art shows, Miami is the place to be for year round entertainment. My favourite annual festival is the Carnaval Miami (also referred to as Calle Ocho) in early march. For 10 days the streets are filled with concerts, street parties and authentic food to taste, along with salsa classes you can join in or culinary competitions and sports you can sit back and watch.

About the author:

Jess is a well-travelled blogger who likes to book multi centre holidays so she can experience different cultures and events within just one trip. Her favourite place to soak up the sun is Miami, and recommends hitting the bars on Ocean Road for a great night out.