“Mirror, mirror, on the wall…” Nope, not that kind of mirror. Try again. This time don’t imagine your bathroom mirror, but a whole salt flat covering an area of 10, 582 square kilometers. Can you visualize it? Of course you can’t – the human mind wasn’t constructed to grasp concepts of this magnitude. All you really need to know is that’s big (and by “big” I mean “ginourmous”).

Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world (I think we’ve already established it was kind of big) and consequently, the mineral deposits there create the biggest natural mirror on the planet. In fact, there are so many raw material in the area that it’s calculated it contains about 43% of the world’s lithium supply (in case you’re bad at math, that’s nearly half).

 All that’s needed for this simple aggregation of minerals to turn into the world largest mirror is a bit of water. The place is absolutely magical and breathtaking in all its glory and magnificence. If you want to experience a dream while being a awake; the feeling that you’re walking on the clouds; or simply observe the most surreal view you can’t even imagine, Salar de Uyuni is a must visit location.

 The Lake

Some 40, 000 years ago, Salar de Uyuni used to be a lake. Now part of the Altiplano, the Bolivian high plateau formed during the rise of the Andes, Salar de Uyuni is a major route, a tourist attraction and source of income for many people who work there.

 Economics aside, Salar de Uyuni is one of the most beautiful places on the planet – a true “Heaven on Earth”. The magical mirror effect is just a part of its charm. The flat surface truly gives you the sense of transcendental sophistication. It makes you rethink what truly matters in life and enables you to achieve full tranquility, showing you that you’re just a small part of a much bigger scheme – something you can never realize until you accept that fact.


The View

The view, itself, will leave you speechless. This is the most impressive stationary spectacle you can ever witness. The static wilderness seems to be lifeless, yet you feel there is so much going on. Time seems to stop for you, but it’s like it proceeds to the rest of the world. While you are locked in the moment, you can see all the little things people worry about and their insignificance in the long run. Past, present and future become one and you see everything much more clearly.

 The Silence

Finding an isolated place in the vast salty wilderness is really easy and I think it’s important that you’re left with yourself at least once so you can reflect on your life (or just stand there, looking at yourself and taking selfies; I’m not here to judge). The only sounds disturbing the natural silence around are the winds. When you focus adamantly enough, you can almost hear them talking to you. Like I said, going to Salar de Uyuni is the most surreal experience conceivable. Just make sure you tell somebody where you’re going if you decide to take a hike – we don’t want you getting lost or anything. You have been warned!


 Overall, visiting the Salar de Uyuni is a magical experience you should live through at least once in your life. The place is unique in everything it represents and gives you the singular opportunity to achieve peace with yourself like very few places in the world can offer. The inherent beauty of the salt flat is only surpassed by its mystical radiance. This is definitely one of the places you must visit before you die.

Author Bio: Morgan Johnes is passionate traveler and blogger geek. He currently works as a manager at http://www.cleantoperfection.co.uk/end-of-tenancy-cleaning-soho/ and he loves his job. In his spare time he loves to travel and blogging.