It doesn’t matter where you’re going. You always need to bring some handy tips with you. Same is true for Myanmar. As you know, every country has its own set of rules, norms, and ways that you need to know about to make your vacation safe, fun, and interesting. Here are some practical tips to remember for your Myanmar trip.

Prior to the trip

  • Make sure you inform your bank about your trip to Myanmar. If not, you might be stuck without any access to your money.
  • There are not too many ATMs in this country. See to it that you bring enough cash with you especially if you’re going on an off-the-beaten track.
  • Exchange money at the airport where exchange rates are much more competitive.
  • Bring money that’s crisp, clean and new. Otherwise, your cash will not be accepted in the exchange centers.


  • Be careful with what and where you eat. Be reminded that sanitation standards may be different here compared back home. It’s best to buy food from stalls that are cooking what they sell on the spot. Freshly and thoroughly cooked foods are safe. Stay away from raw foods as much as possible. You don’t want your fantastic trip to end in a disaster.


  • Choose to dine in local small “hole in the wall” kind of restaurants, which are among the cheapest options.
  • Want something cheaper? Go to the market but buy only freshly cooked items.
  • Here’s a good trick to keep in your sleeve anywhere you go. If you’re traveling with a group of friends, look for a café and stay there with all your bags. Have one person walk around to look for the best deal in accommodation. If you’re all going to do this, you would probably settle for the first accommodation you see just to avoid the hassle of lugging the baggage all around.
  • Stay sober. It’s good for your health and for your pockets. It’s better to spend your cash on the activities and attractions. After all, you can always drink back home.


  • If it can be helped, ride buses to go around the cities of Myanmar. This mode of transport is not only faster and more convenient but also much cheaper.
  • Keep in mind that buses, trains, and other transport services in the country would run late from time to time. Don’t sweat it out.

More Tips

  • Keep an mp3 player and a set of earphones. These are useful during long bus rides.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Remember that many pavements in Myanmar are cracked and broken.
  • Prepare for crazy rides in cabs and buses.

Knowing what to expect would make your trip much more worthwhile. Now that you have read this article, visiting Myanmar tourist attractions seems more appealing now.