Tuscany is one of Italy’s best known regions, and for a good reason. Known for stunning art, delicious food and wine, and some spectacular countryside, it is well worth your time to plan a visit. Read on to discover some of the most unforgettable things to do while visiting this marvelous area.

1. Visit Florence

Anyone’s necessary first stop in Tuscany. This jewel of a city is home to some of the most famous art in the world, and is so beautifully designed that walking the streets feels like you’re walking in a museum. Florence is also famous wedding destination, so enjoy the romantic atmosphere if you are dreaming about a wedding in Italy. Spend a few days here to soak up some Renaissance culture, and you will not regret it. Visit the Duomo, the Uffizi, the Accademia, and be sure to squeeze in some shopping time as well!

2. Go to Siena

This famous town is known for its beauty and for its exciting annual event – the Palio. If you can time your summer visit right, you will see Siena quickly slip back several hundred years. There is a horse race and plenty of intracity competitions and activities. Join in the fun and you will think you have gone back in time too! To get away from it all, be sure to climb Siena’s famous tower – this spectacular view will make you feel like you can see all of Tuscany!

3. Spend a Day on the Beach

When most people think of Tuscany, they think of Renaissance art and Chianti wine. It is much less often that they think of the beach. Yet, Tuscany’s entire west side borders with the Mediterranean Sea, giving you plenty of opportunity to get a little swim in with your art. There are some gorgeous beaches up and down the coast, but one of the best spots to hit is Monte Argentario, a small peninsula poking out of the side of Tuscany. This beautiful promontory combines stunning beaches with a mountainous topography – and, of course, as much fresh seafood as you could possibly want!

4. Go on a  Road trip

With so much to see in Tuscany, one of the best things you can do is take a road trip. Spend your days cruising up and down the rolling hills, stopping for meals in medieval hilltop towns that are unreachable by trains, but offer charm and gorgeous views. Be sure to schedule in some winery visits while you are at it – Tuscany is world-renowned for its wines, and there is nothing better than tasting a Chianti right at its source!

5. Enjoy Pisa

Though best known for its slightly askew tower, Pisa is worth visiting for more than just the photo op (although you should definitely head up to the Leaning Tower to take the standard picture). This picturesque town is like a miniature version of Florence, complete with the Arno River winding through the center. Walk around, see the sites, and be sure to indulge in some gelato – Pisa is home to several delicious gelaterie – or, ice cream shops!

Tuscany is truly a beautiful place to visit and is easily reachable from anywhere in the world, as it is just a little bit more than an hour drive from the major international airport in Rome. Book a taxi from Rome to Florence online, and within hours you will have all of Tuscany at your disposal!