Have you ever dreamed of spending your summer holiday, visiting some of the most exotic places on Earth? Are you looking for a lifetime experience, that will take your breath away? An experience, which you will never be able to forget and still, that will  get you lost in the miracle that is Nature? Then a wonderful trip to one of the most fascinating tourist destination is definitely the best choice for you! What do we mean? We are talking about the tallest waterfall on Earth – Angel Falls! With its significant 3, 212 feet, this natural wonder is almost 20 times taller than the Niagara Falls. Many people know it as Kerepakupai Vená,which literally means “waterfall of the deepest place“. So here is some further information on the topic.             

     The waterfall is located in the Canaima National Park , Gran Saban Venezuela. It is a part of the Churuta river. During the rainy season, strong winds disperse the water and the waterfall is embraced with a thick fog of water drops.

      The waterfall is named after an American aviator, called Jimmie Angel, who  in 1933 first discovered the waterfall and only four years later, in 1937, become the first man flying above it.  Unfortunately, his plane crashed and Jimmie, together with three other people, including his wife Marie, had to walk 11 days to get to civilization. In honor of their braveness, the locals decided to name the waterfall after the leader of the expedition – Angel.

Angel Falls as a tourist destination

      Kerepakupai Vená, simply Angel Falls, is one of the top tourist attractions in Venezuela. Every year, thousands of people come to admire the magnificence and beauty of the waterfall. However, you must know that a trip to the famous fall is definitely a challenge. Although the waterfall is the most visited tourist destination in Venezuela, it managed to remain isolated from the civilization. It can be reached only by plane or by feet ( although such a journey can be really exhausting). Also, you can be given the opportunity to sail upstream in a canoe, then use another vehicle to overcome the rapids , and finally – experience an one-hour adventure, walking  through the jungle, situated at the foot of the waterfall itself. Very often, the enthusiasm of tourists vanishes as soon as they see the majestic Angel wrapped in a shroud of clouds.

     During the drought period (which takes place from the beginning of January till the end of May) this magnificent waterfall is just a thin stream of water, diffusing  into the fog. However, as soon as the rainy season comes (from the beginning of June till late December), it suddenly turns into a powerful and picturesque wonder of Nature.

        South America abounds with waterfalls, but there is something that makes the Angel falls a really desired destination. This is the journey to it. The exciting expedition, which really gets you lost into a lifetime adventure; the rush of adrenaline, that can make you feel like a real explorer.

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